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Ensure School Safety with Data-Driven Emergency Response

Avigilon High Tech Solutions Provide A Blend of Sophisticated Monitoring and Cloud-Based AI

Ensure School Safety with Data-Driven Emergency Response

The job of protecting students, faculty, and school grounds is more complicated than ever. The security threats are more challenging and dangerous than ever before. Protecting K- 12 schools requires that your staff can effectively react to bullying, assault, drugs, vandalism, gun violence, and other unfortunate incidents. 

School security consists of prevention and intervention. While safety officers in the hallways, staff, administrators, and even the students keep a wary eye, they are not infallible. Better protection is established through the use of data-driven prevention and high-tech messaging response.

Avigilon, a part of the Motorola solutions division, is a leader in advanced surveillance and safety systems that combines superior monitoring and artificial intelligence to take school security to the next level. Want to know more about how advanced surveillance and messaging can improve safety responses in your Houston TX school? Please keep reading.

How Avigilon Security Cameras Use Advanced Technology for Smarter Security

Avigilon Security Solutions Keep Your Premises Safer

How Avigilon Security Cameras Use Advanced Technology for Smarter Security

Security cameras are fast becoming a foundational component of premises security infrastructure. With newer digital technology, security camera solutions have advanced far beyond the capabilities of older analog CCTV-type solutions.

One company that continues to push the envelope in smart surveillance solutions is Avigilon. Part of Motorola Solutions, Avigilon has a significant presence in Texas and offers advanced artificial intelligence-based software features that continue to add state-of-the-art capabilities to their solutions. Let’s explore further the advanced features of Avigilon security cameras that keep your buildings and facilities in the Woodlands safer than competing solutions.

5 Ways That Avigilon Security Solutions Provide Superior Protection

A Sharper and Smarter Approach to Security Solutions

5 Ways That Avigilon Security Solutions Provide Superior Protection

In the U.S., companies spend a very significant $15 billion on video surveillance operations. Yet, according to a recent global survey by Forbes, most of them monitor fewer than 50% of their valuable assets.

Why the disparity? The main reason is that traditional video surveillance systems rely on older analog technology. The management consoles don’t integrate well with other security tools and systems. And human operation for surveillance leads to fatigue and missed security breaches.

At ASAP Security Services, we strive to offer Texas organizations the best security technology solutions that provide high-performance with high ROI. One of our premier partners is Avigilon, which offers state-of-the-art security solutions that are sharper and smarter than others. Read on to see how Avigilon solutions can offer your Houston company the protection it needs for today's security challenges.

How Avigilon Uses Smart Video Analytics for a Face Mask Detection Solution

A Scalable Approach to Reinforcing the Use of Face Masks

How Avigilon Uses Smart Video Analytics for a Face Mask Detection Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately still with us.  Everyone understands that it is a serious issue to deal with until two things happen: an effective vaccine is developed and drugs that mitigate the deadliest effects of the virus are validated and widely available. As we are not yet at that point, mitigation strategies are needed to curb the spread of disease.

While wearing face masks has become a political issue in some quarters, the science is straightforward. Wearing face masks protects people from transmitting the virus to others. In July, Governor Greg Abbott mandated the use of face masks in public spaces in counties with more than 20 coronavirus cases. And regardless of the state order, major retailers and supermarket chains like Costco, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and HEB have mandated the use of masks for all customers inside their stores.

The issue now becomes: how do you effectively enforce the use of face masks for public safety? One solution, from Texas-based Avigilon, uses state-of-the-art video analytics to detect if someone is wearing a mask. Read on to learn more about how you can use this innovative solution to protect customers and staff in your Houston, TX, organization.


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