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Prevent theft, vandalism, and bullying by installing a robust school surveillance system. ASAP Security Services can help you design a security system for your school.

3 Sure-Fire Signs Your School Surveillance System Needs an Upgrade

Secure your campus with advanced surveillance technology

3 Sure-Fire Signs Your School Surveillance System Needs an Upgrade

A positive learning environment can only be created at your school if you can ensure the security of all students and staff. When everyone is worried about their safety, the focus can shift from education. 

While your campus may be equipped with a school surveillance system, there’s a high possibility it might be an outdated solution. And with the rising instances of violence in educational institutes, it is high time you upgrade your security. 

Read on to discover the top 3 signs that indicate the surveillance system at your school in Amarillo, TX, needs an update.

Strengthen Security by Adding a School Surveillance System

Deal with threats quickly with smart surveillance

 Strengthen Security by Adding a School Surveillance System

One of the biggest responsibilities of running a school is to ensure your students and staff remain protected. With the rise in school shooting incidents, it is even more crucial to step up your security. 

A lot of different features work collectively to protect your campus from potential threats, but  a school surveillance system is one of the most vital ones. 

Besides keeping a check on student activities, it also helps detect unusual occurrences before they become a threat. Read on to learn all the benefits of having smart surveillance cameras at your Lubbock, TX, campus. 

Opt for a Proactive Approach to Your School Security

Boost the safety of staff and students with a school surveillance system

Opt for a Proactive Approach to Your School Security

Having a school security plan is not optional anymore. On the contrary, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment to all students and staff members. 

You not only need to look out for external threats but internal issues as well, such as theft, bullying, and vandalism. A school surveillance system not only becomes an immediate deterrent, but it allows you to cover your entire grounds without needing an extensive staff.  But most of all, it helps you take on a proactive approach to securing your campus. 

Read on to discover how adding surveillance cameras to your school in Conroe, TX, can boost security and response time to incidents. 

Does Your School Have an Adequate Video Surveillance System?

School Safety Measures and Funding Opportunities Are on the Rise

Does Your School Have an Adequate Video Surveillance System?

As many of you remember, a man was killed in a shooting near Townewest Elementary School in Sugar Land, TX, early in 2022, prompting a school lockdown. At the end of 2021, two different school threats in Fort Bend County left some parents concerned about sending their children to school. 

In August 2022, before the school year began, school district officials, state legislators, and Fort Bend County law enforcement stressed school safety in a joint press conference. In June, Texas leaders announced allocating over $100 million to school safety and mental health. Clearly, the security of our school children and staff is at the forefront of everyone's minds after these incidents and the deadly school shooting in Uvalde.

Do your school safety measures offer the highest protection for those in your care? One critical element that promotes the safety of students, faculty, and staff is the use of a school surveillance system. Today’s systems offer advanced technology, securing a facility in once unimaginable ways.


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