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A commercial security system can help limit insurance claims against your business in Austin, TX. Here’s why it’s a vital addition to your property. 

Strengthen School Security with Updated Solutions

A commercial security system is what you need to protect students and staff

Strengthen School Security with Updated Solutions

Every school strives to create a positive learning environment where students and teachers can focus on improving the quality of education. But with so many reports of violent acts at school, you cannot instill peace of mind till you have a highly functional commercial security system in place. 

Standard school security solutions aren’t enough to keep intruders and threats at bay. Instead, you need the most updated solutions with the most advanced security features. 

Read on to discover what makes a foolproof security system for your Austin, TX, school. 

How to Protect Your Business Amidst Surging Crime

The Benefits of a Comprehensive, Custom Commercial Security System

How to Protect Your Business Amidst Surging Crime

Across the nation, several communities and cities have experienced growing civil unrest in the last two years. If you live near these cities, you know it isn’t uncommon to see boarded-up windows and doors—efforts by businesses to protect themselves from vandals and thieves. This smash-and-grab crime wave has led to over $800,000 in damage and losses.

According to the Austin Police Department Crime Analysis Unit, Austin, TX, wasn't spared, experiencing large protests and social unrest in late May 2020. At this time, the number of robberies began to increase, and gun offenses in 2020 ended higher than in any other year. 

Organized retail crime also made headlines with videos showing brazen groups of gang members entering stores with little concern, grabbing what they could as they made their way through the building. Entrepreneur reported that of the 8.9 million crimes reported in 2020, over 60% were crimes against property. To protect themselves, business owners turned to a commercial security system.

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Security System

Create a safer space for employees and clients

Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Security System

Security is an essential component of every business, whether big or small. A commercial security system makes businesses more secure and keeps your mind at peace all the time. The latest technology allows business owners to have complete control over their security system at any time and from anywhere. 

If you have a commercial property in Austin, TX, read on to find out why you need to incorporate a the latest commercial security features.

The Essential Commercial Security Systems for Government Buildings

Local, State, and Federal Government Security Solutions

The Essential Commercial Security Systems for Government Buildings

Security for government buildings offers unique challenges in today’s current environment of increased cyber threats and mass shootings. At ASAP Security Services, we have extensive experience designing, engineering, and installing government security systems, from courthouses to jails, public works, police and fire stations, and city-wide camera systems. Let’s look at what constitutes a comprehensive commercial security system in Austin, TX, and why government agencies require experts in city integration.


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