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ASAP Security Services is your premier school security provider serving Lubbock, TX. Contact us to learn about access control for schools.

Manage Who Enters Your School Grounds with Access Control

An Access Control System Improves School Safety

Manage Who Enters Your School Grounds with Access Control

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University developed a policy research brief regarding providing safe school environments. Within it, they offered the best design practices to improve school safety. 

One of those practices is access control and installing a buzzer system with surveillance cameras. Administrators should be able to spot visitors easily and prevent unauthorized people from entering. Other countries require new public schools to comply with these safe school design guidelines and strongly recommend existing schools implement the practice.

The report noted that while U.S. schools have crisis plans, including mandated lockdowns and other measures to address violent behavior, more attention needs to be paid to the schools' physical environment. They believe lack of attention to this detail places students in vulnerable and potentially violent situations. 

Let’s explore what their findings mean to schools in Lubbock, TX, and how you can help your students and staff stay safe.

Check Out the Latest in School Access Control

The Future of School Access Control Systems Is Already Here. We Can Bring It to You!  

Check Out the Latest in School Access Control

Smart access control solutions are becoming increasingly important for schools, with shootings, bullying, and other forms of school violence threats to look out for. Some of these solutions are as simple as a lock and key. Others use advanced technology to monitor and control access to buildings, classrooms, and restricted areas, providing an extra layer of protection against intruders and potential threats. 

If your school in Lubbock, TX, is lacking a smart, automated, or remotely monitored access control system, ASAP Security Services is here for you. 

Read on to learn more about access control solutions, and how better, smarter devices are protecting schools communities across Texas today.