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Learn How The Right Illumination Promotes Productivity And Saves On Energy Costs


Our workspaces have evolved from the dull wash of beige cubicle farms into dynamic places for collaboration and inspired thinking. As your business grapples with hybrid workspace collaboration and the need for more impactful environments, choosing the right illumination matters. 

Younger employees, the heart of any business's growth, demand more than a collection of desks and a water cooler. The offices must be bright, flexible, and promote an energized atmosphere throughout long days. Integrating advanced fixtures and lighting control for your building results in happier and healthier employees and improved productivity. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities our solutions provide your San Antonio, TX, commercial space? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

Why Your Properties Will Benefit from Lighting Control and Automation

Discover Three Ways to Improve Your Commercial Properties

Why Your Properties Will Benefit from Lighting Control and Automation

If you own a commercial property, several things are important. One, you want your building to run as efficiently as possible, as operating costs need to be balanced with revenues. Two, you want to retain tenants for long terms, as space that sits empty is a cash drain.

One way to retain tenants is to update buildings with the latest automation and control technology so that clients aren't tempted to move to newer properties with more amenities. This might include improvements in HVAC and lighting control, security and surveillance, audio-video infrastructure, and access control to create a safer, more efficient, and productive environment.

Keep reading to see how these control and automation features can add value and revenue per square foot to your Memorial, Texas commercial properties.

How Lighting Control Makes Your Building More Efficient

Blend Natural and Artificial Light for both Comfort and Energy Efficiency

How Lighting Control Makes Your Building More Efficient

Did you know that 65% of the typical office building’s utility bill comes from lighting and HVAC usage? Getting a handle on these areas can go a long way toward curbing energy consumption in your Corpus Christi TX buildings and commercial properties.

Lighting control is an automation technology that makes it painless to make your properties energy efficient. But it’s smarter than just turning lights off on a schedule. The best lighting control systems use a sustainable concept called daylight harvesting. As you might guess from the name, it's a method to maximize natural light in smart ways for both comfort and efficiency. Read on to learn more.

How Lighting Control is the Ultimate Interior Design Tool

Easily Spotlight Your Favorite Features While Streamlining Your Décor

How Lighting Control is the Ultimate Interior Design Tool

Any architect or interior designer will tell you how important lighting is when it comes to getting the right aesthetic in your River Oaks, TX home. Having the proper lighting not only lets you spotlight specific features in your home, but it also helps you accomplish a purposeful mood and style.

Utilize a lighting control solution to create a cohesive design while streamlining your overall décor. Natural lighting is vital to your property’s beauty, so don’t forget about adding motorized shades as well! This blog highlights some unique ways lighting control adds a stylistic spark to your property.


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