Your Questions (& Our Answers) on Commercial Access Control

Keep Your Property Safe with Commercial Automation

Your Questions (& Our Answers) on Commercial Access Control

No matter the size of your commercial building—whether it’s one floor or twenty—it’s imperative to know who is coming in and out during business hours. In Memorial, Texas, and the surrounding Houston area, many businesses are taking advantage of commercial automation to protect their staff from outside threats. With an access control system, you’ll be able to regulate who can and cannot enter your building, and specify which rooms or wings individuals can access.

But how does access control work? Continue reading our automation blog for the answers to all your technology questions. 

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What Is Access Control?   

Remote access is the automated control of who can access certain parts of your building. This can be achieved in many ways. For instance, at your entrance, you can use ID cards, a keypad, fingerprint scans, or even facial recognition for employees to enter the building. Guests can ring a doorbell at the entrance and speak to the front desk through an intercom, where they’ll be issued a guest pass. 

For added security, you can layer access control by combining multiple permission methods. Perhaps at the entrance users can tap an ID card, but at the elevator they will need to enter a passcode. Or in highly secure areas, you can require retina scans for staff to enter. Doors can automatically lock when shut, and in the event of an emergency, you can lock down an entire wing right from your tablet. 

What Happens if an Intruder is Detected? 

Let’s say your system notifies you that someone has unsuccessfully tried to enter multiple pin codes. Or perhaps your facial recognition cameras or license plate reader have identified someone who caused problems in the past. From here, your security staff will receive an alert to their devices. 

You can then automatically lock the doors ahead of the intruder and notify authorities in one touch of a button. If your team later realizes a burglary or breach occurred, you can review access control data to see who entered a room and at what time. It has never been simpler to collect evidence than with today’s security technology. 

How Can I Add it to My Business?  

By partnering with a security firm like ASAP Security Services, we’ll build a custom access control system that works for your building’s needs. With one of our trusted access control partners combined with commercial automation, you’ll be able to check your alarms, locks, and cameras all in one place. We’ll wire each device to connect in one system, and with a reliable network connection, your security will never be down. 

To learn more about access control and get started on your commercial automation system today, call ASASP Security Services at (877) 418-ASAP or contact us online here!

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