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How Biometric Access Control Can Improve Business Security

Easily Monitor Who Enters and Leaves Your Facility

How Biometric Access Control Can Improve Business Security

If you run a business or an office building, the safety of your staff is a top priority. With vast numbers of people walking in and out every day, it can be challenging to ensure trouble isn’t sneaking in. Card readers have often been used to prevent criminals and trespassers from entering, but lost or stolen ID cards can pose as a threat to security. If anyone were to break into the building after hours, is your security system equipped to track down a suspect?

With today’s emerging technology, biometric access control is available to verify the identity of employees at facility entrances and identify suspicious persons. Could your San Antonio, TX, business benefit from it? Continue reading as we dive into biometric options you can add to your system today.

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Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint readers arealready used to unlock our smartphones and keep information safe. Why not at your office building? As staff enter, they will be prompted to place their finger on a scanner. A fingerprint is much more difficult to fake than an ID card and can’t be guessed like a password. Plus, fingerprints can’t be forgotten, so staff will always be able to enter when they need to. If your building houses confidential assets, a fingerprint reader is sure tokeep it safe.

Retinal Eye Scanners

It may sound like a futuristic movie trope, but retinal eye scanners are a real option for your security system. Everyone in the world has a unique retinal structure in their eye even identical twins have one-of-a-kind retinas! For ultra-secure spaces like laboratories, permitted staff may look into a receptacle. Once their retina is recognized, the door will unlock.

Facial Recognition

Additionally, high-security areas may be accessed by facial recognition devices. The technology is already spreading fast across American businesses, and in Great Britain, one in four retailers use facial recognition cameras to catch shoplifters. The cameras take an image of a user’s face and identify landmarks to create a facial signature. The facial signature is compared to a database of known faces and will determine their identity. If a trespasser enters, cameras will capture their facial signature and relate it to the police’s database, and they will not be able to unlock doors.

Hand Geometry Readers

For information sensitive rooms, hand geometry readers may be used to establish an individual’s identity. Most hand readers include a peg-guided hand placement to correctly measure the user’s hand shape and then capture an image. Unlike a palm or fingerprint reader, hand geometry readers measure the unique shape of the handthe lengths of fingers, thickness, and curvatures. The template’s memory size is minimal, making it light on storage for your surveillance system. To enroll, your employees will voluntarily take multiple hand scans and store with a PIN.

If you’re interested in adding biometric access control to your establishment’s security system, ASAP Security Services is here to help. Call us at (877) 418-ASAP or fill out ourcontact form today! 

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