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Facial Recognition Is Now Available for Business Owners

What You Need to Know About this New Technology

Facial Recognition Is Now Available for Business Owners

Facial recognition technology is no longer a mere fantasy from sci-fi movies. It’s real,and it’s available for business owners today. One in four British retailers is already using facial recognition technology to catch and prevent theft and crime. Here in Texas, we have laws about the use of facial recognition. But with your employees’ permission, the technology can be an invaluable asset to your building’s security.

To learn how facial recognition works and how it can benefit your Rio Grande Valley, TX, business, join us as we dive into the technicalities behind it.

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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Beyond fingerprint readers and eye scanners, facial recognition uses biometrics to map features from photos and videos. Comparing the information to a database, it will find a match, verifying personal identity. When the image is captured, the software reads the geometry of the face. Key identifiers include the space between the eyes and the distance from forehead to chin. The program then identifies facial landmarks that distinguish your face, resulting in a facial signature.

The facial signature is a mathematic formula that is then compared to a database of known faces. Already, half of American adults have their facial signature in police databases. Facebook has been using this technology for years to tag us in photos. Could your business’ video surveillance benefit from it?

Facial Recognition and Your Security System

If you own a commercial building with many employees coming and going, facial recognition can be used to spot unwarranted people entering. With your employees permission, the system will scan and recognize their faces. If a guest visits the building, of course, they can stop by a security desk first, so no problems arise. But in the unfortunate event of a break-in, robberyor crime, the cameras will capture the criminal’s identity and bring your business to justice. Plus, if your cameras have information on databases on known shoplifters or burglars, your system will be alerted if they enter. The cameras won’t provide delays of your staff, and will only be used for security, so there is no worry of intrusion.

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