Adding Access Control to Your Business? Here Are Your Options

How to Easily Manage Entrance Permissions in Your Building

Adding Access Control to Your Business? Here Are Your Options

If you own a business or an office building, it’s essential to know who is coming and going through the doors all day—especially if your property houses classified or valuable information. Are you equipped with 100% secure access control?

Access control is the process by which employees and guests are granted (or prohibited) permission to systems or physical entryways. With automated access as a part of your security system, you’ll be able to set specific permissions to different rooms and hallways.

But not all access management is alike. To find the right commercial access control solution for your Sugar Land, TX area company, continue reading below.

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Key Card Admission

A standard but efficient way of permitting staff into your building is by using automated key cards. Everyone will be issued their own card—optionally with an ID photo on it—that will allow them to enter. Special guest passes can be issued at the front desk, too.

This will add a layer of security that surveillance cameras may not be able to catch right away. However, if a key card falls into the wrong hands or is stolen, a trespasser may still enter. Employees might occasionally lose or forget their cards, which can create nuisances. However, unlike a regular key, ID cards can be instantly deactivated to prevent intrusion and theft.

Pin Pad Access

A step more secure than key cards is the pin pad access. All employees will be issued a unique code to input, unlocking entrances. Specific codes may permit a user to enter many rooms and wings while prohibiting others. A code cannot be stolen like an ID card or key, and the passcode can be disabled when no longer in use.

Biometric Scans

Access control is its most advanced with biometric scans, a reliable feature that can verify the identity of your employees. Whether you opt for fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, hand geometry readers, or facial recognition cameras, only users who have willingly registered their identity into your database will be permitted inside.

While some of this technology may sound far-out and futuristic, many of us already use facial recognition and fingerprint scanners on our smartphones. Biometric access is nearly impossible to forge. Plus, if a criminal or intruder is ever caught on your premises, you can prevent them from returning by identifying their retina, fingerprint, or facial signature.

Multifactor Authentication

If you’re still concerned about the security of your building or select units like laboratories, combine two or more of the options mentioned for added levels of safety. For instance, staff may use a key card at the front entrance and then a fingerprint scan at the elevator. Or perhaps in a highly secure wing, those entering must input a code and scan their retina. Whatever combination works for you, a security company like ASAP Security Services can help you build it.

Add commercial access control to your Sugar Land, TX space by calling ASAP Security Services at (877) 418-ASAP or contact us online here!

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