How to Use Your Access Control to Protect Against Coronavirus

Reduce the Risk to Employees and Clients with Automated Solutions

How to Use Your Access Control to Protect Against Coronavirus

Masks may be the go-to, misguided way most people are protecting themselves from the spread of coronavirus, but your business should aspire to more efficient high-tech solutions. Access control systems are a great way to help limit exposure to the virus while ensuring it doesn’t spread quickly throughout your Austin, TX business.

Not only will access control limit the number of people entering and leaving your property, additional features like automated entry will also curb the spread of the disease. We go in-depth below into how each of these features plays a vital role in preventing coronavirus.

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Limit Touching of Surface Areas

Health experts stress that the primary way of acquiring coronavirus is by coming into contact with infected particles then touching your mouth, eyes or nose. Entry points to your business become a significant risk factor, with a plethora of employees touching these doorways when entering. No tool will be more efficient in curbing coronavirus than automated access control.

Take control of your employees' safety by implementing smart locks featuring keycards and fobs that do not require physical contact with the door for it to open. Eliminating the need to touch doorknobs or locks will improve the health of your organization and give employees significant peace of mind. 

Eliminate Face to Face Contact

How about guests or contractors without fobs or keycards? You don't' want to expose your doormen or receptionists to unnecessary risks by having them personally manage entry into your business. With advanced access control tools, they can do so from their desktop computer, a dedicated app or touchpad. Employees will have greater peace of mind knowing they will have less face-to-face contact with strangers throughout the day.  

Efficiently Manage Your Access  

Reducing the number of people entering your building will also make it easier to manage the spread of coronavirus. Employ locks on all your entry points to ensure only approved personnel gets inside. Bolster your security with tiered access so employees only enter areas needed to conduct their work. 

Especially important in the case of an outbreak is the ability to track employees via distinct cards, access codes or biometrics. Any time there is a confirmed case of coronavirus for one of your employees, it's easy to look up who worked in closed proximity to them and encourage them to get tested as well.

Utilize your access control for more than burglary prevention. These features will protect your staff from all types of risks, including the growing threat of coronavirus. For a one-on-one consultation with our team, give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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