Commercial Alarm Systems Offer Early Detection for Break-Ins and Unauthorized Access

Learn About the Many Commercial Alarms that Protect Businesses and Employees

Commercial Alarm Systems Offer Early Detection for Break-Ins and Unauthorized Access

As a leading commercial alarm company in Houston, TX, we offer security solutions for just about every sector, including government agencies, schools, hospitals, and commercial enterprises. While all parts of a security system complement each other, a commercial alarm system has been proven to act as a significant deterrent to thieves. One study found that 83% of burglars look to see if an alarm is present, and 60% would seek a different target if there were one onsite.

In addition to alarms that activate when someone tries to break into the building, several other types of alarms and alerts can protect businesses in many ways. Here are a few of the different security alarms supporting and protecting companies in Houston, TX. 

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Intrusion Detection

Burglars often attempt entry in remote areas of a business that are less traveled. For example, they may gain access through a broken window in the back or via a side door that offers little in the way of resistance. When this occurs, surveillance cameras focus on the area detected and an alarm sounds, letting staff know an emergency is at hand and enabling them to take the necessary action. 

Access Control

Access control systems can integrate with an alarm system, sending an alert when an unauthorized access attempt occurs. Security cameras will, once again, focus on the area, allowing security personnel or staff to see exactly who attempted to gain entry. 

Perimeter Detection

Operators and owners can also receive real-time alerts when someone is loitering in the back of their business or shows up after business hours. This AI-enabled technology is achieved through surveillance cameras that learn more the longer they watch over your company. Understanding normal activity allows them to detect unusual occurrences and alert staff who may elect to notify law enforcement if they feel people or property are endangered.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors require strategic placement in areas where regular traffic should not be detected. They can also be programmed to detect motion during specific hours. Once activity is detected, a video feed is sent to monitoring professionals or security to determine the appropriate response.

Device Monitors

Unfortunately, employee theft should also be a consideration for business owners. One survey found that employee theft accounted for almost 43% of inventory loss, while shoplifting represented a little over 35%. 

In addition to surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations, wireless asset protection devices can monitor a valuable product’s exact location and send a remote alarm to operators if it is moved. 

Remote Control

Receiving alerts remotely with a real-time video feed enables you to determine if it is an emergency or an employee working overtime. This ability significantly reduces false alarms. 

Each of these devices plays an important role in a security ecosystem. Depending on the type of business and operations, an organization may require one or more of these measures to create an integrated and complete security alarm system. At ASAP Security Services, we pride ourselves on offering our clients best-in-class service and products, ensuring a robust security system designed for their unique needs. 

One of the top brands we partner with is Their integrated solutions include intrusion detection, access control, energy management, and cloud-managed video surveillance. 

Our commitment to our clients and their safety and security is one of the reasons we’ve been serving Texans for nearly 75 years and have had the honor of securing some of the country’s highest-profile individuals. To find out how commercial alarms can protect you, your business, and your employees, call ASAP Security Services today. 

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