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The Difference Between a Reactive Versus Proactive Commercial Surveillance System

Today’s Surveillance Systems Are Smart and Action Oriented

The Difference Between a Reactive Versus Proactive Commercial Surveillance System

Today’s commercial surveillance system offers much more than older solutions strictly designed to visually record ongoing activity. What began as a reaction to burglary and other criminal activity has morphed into a proactive measure to keep these incidents from occurring.

Let's see what these systems can do for your business in The Woodlands, TX, and why companies upgrade to these advanced solutions.

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The Reactive Commercial Surveillance System

The reactive surveillance system may be equipped with multiple security cameras at entrances, common areas, high-asset locations, and areas prone to targeting by criminals, such as back alleys. These cameras record and store video that may provide evidence in theft, vandalism, or assault cases.

Once this activity has occurred, security personnel, managers, or owners can scan the surveillance video, looking for clues about who the perpetrator may have been. They then share this information with local law enforcement and insurance companies.

The Features of a Proactive Video Surveillance System

A proactive video surveillance system offers several features that stop a crime or theft in the process. Here are a few of the many examples.

  1. Self-Learning Video Analytics: At ASAP Security Services, we partner with leading industry brands on the cutting-edge of security technology. One of these brands is Avigilon. Their advanced pattern-based, self-learning analytics recognizes activities and prompts a notification when abnormal activity occurs.

Whether someone is loitering in the back alley, a car enters the parking lot after hours, or an employee is in an off-limits area, an alert will be sent out to your monitoring team, security personnel, manager, or owner. Smart cameras also zero in on potential perpetrators, enabling facial recognition or license plate analysis. In addition, the system detects and flags events, letting you know when an event requires your attention.

  1. Search Options: Gone are the days of having to sort through hours or days of data in search of a person of interest. Instead, today's video analytics enable searchers to locate a person or vehicle by uploading a photo or entering a physical description. This allows operators to quickly compile video evidence and create an individual's last-known location.
  1. Integrated Solutions: By seamlessly integrating with your security system, a possible threat viewed by a video surveillance camera can initiate a lockdown, inform security, and send a mass text or email alerts to any involved parties.
  1. Video Monitoring: When trained professionals monitor video camera footage, they can spot suspicious behavior and call attention to it as a preventative measure. On-site security personnel or managers are instantly notified and able to keep a watchful eye.

This type of presence goes a long way in preventing theft, whether from criminals or employees. In addition, video monitoring operators can activate spotlights and alarms during after-hours and let the suspicious person know they have been spotted through verbal warning via a two-way voice intercom. If warranted, their experience also enables them to call and contact local law enforcement. 

Whether protecting assets, staff, or clients at a car dealership, shopping center, multifamily apartment complex, or other commercial property, a proactive surveillance system offers the greatest amount of security. At ASAP Security Services, we’ve been protecting Texans since 1947 and are committed to providing the best-integrated surveillance systems on the market.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring service has received recognition by The Monitoring Association’s Five Diamond Accreditation due, in part, to our unfailing quality of communication. To learn more about the latest commercial surveillance systems or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ASAP Security Services today.  

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