Where Should You Install Indoor Security Cameras?

A commercial surveillance system can help you keep track of goings-on inside your location

Where Should You Install Indoor Security Cameras?

When you think of a commercial surveillance system, your first thought likely jumps to outdoor surveillance cameras monitoring your Houston, TX, property, parking lots, entries and exits. And while outdoor cameras are a critical component of comprehensive surveillance, have you given equal thought to your indoor security cameras?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of potential indoor incidents — theft, vandalism, accidents and injuries — that warrant surveillance as well. Keep reading to learn four areas where security cameras can help protect your inventory, finances, and business operations.

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A Point of Sale

If your office, store or restaurant has areas where money exchanges hands, install a security camera to keep watch and prevent theft. A visible surveillance camera is an excellent deterrent for both customers and employees. Make sure your camera is mounted correctly to capture the area of transfer and the customer’s entire body.

Supply Areas

Unfortunately, when employee theft occurs, it’s likely to come out of your inventory. If your retail store or restaurant has a storage room for surplus goods, a visible security camera in the area can prevent inventory theft that cuts into your bottom line. You can integrate your supply area cameras with motion-activated sensors that trigger the camera to start recording when someone enters the room.


Like supply rooms, warehouses are filled with your business’s valuable inventory. An intruder could attempt to burglarize a warehouse that looks unattended at night, or an employee could try to siphon goods when no one is watching. Losing valuable goods without making a sale can cause significant profit losses for your business. Install discreet cameras overlooking large warehouse interiors to help prevent a burglary or identify the thief.

Restricted Areas

Restricted areas have limited access for a reason, right? Perhaps your company is holding sensitive data, private client information or valuable goods that shouldn’t be readily accessible to everyone. Surveillance cameras trained on restricted areas act as a deterrent for unapproved personnel. You can integrate your security camera with an access control system, which will trigger the camera to turn on and start recording when someone attempts to gain unauthorized entry to a restricted area.

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