Protect Your Business with the Latest Fire Detection Systems

Today’s Technology Offers Quicker Detection and Rapid Response

Protect Your Business with the Latest Fire Detection Systems

A building fire is something we rarely expect. Unfortunately, when it does occur, it can cause significant damage and loss, spreading through a building in a matter of minutes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the most common causes of fires in office buildings include electrical and lighting equipment, heating equipment, cooking equipment, intentional arson, and smoking materials. 

Intentionally set fires cause the most extensive property damage, followed by electrical distribution and lighting equipment. Recently, as you probably recall, a home in Katy, TX, went up in flames due to a severe storm and lightning strike

Fortunately, you can take steps to prepare for these unexpected events. A fire detection system gives employees and clients the time to react and get to safety while minimizing damages. Let’s explore how these commercial systems work.

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Detection and Response

The components of a successful fire protection system include integrated detection and response. Early detection can save property and lives by initiating a rapid response. At ASAP Security Services, we’ve been entrusted with protecting schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, manufacturers, retail spaces, and businesses for 75 years. We have the experience to customize these solutions for every size of building and industry, from single buildings to large multi-story complexes, offering scalable solutions that evolve as your needs change, and your business grows.

The Latest Smoke and Heat Detectors

In commercial applications, there are several different smoke and heat detectors designed for unique settings. We partner with leaders in the industry that offer the latest technology to ensure the best detection. One of these brands is Honeywell.

Their Reflected Beam smoke detection is designed for open areas and large rooms with high ceilings. Its optical beams enable one detector to cover large areas. HVAC duct smoke detection offers early detection of smoke and combustion products that may be moving through the HVAC system. In the event of smoke detection, fans, blowers, and systems can be shut down to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Using a combination of photoelectric smoke detectors, which are more sensitive to smoldering fires, and ionization smoke detectors, which are more effective when flames are present, ensures optimum protection.

Mass Notification

Mass notification ensures local first responders, anyone inside the building, and business owners are notified at first detection. These systems can be linked to a commercial intercom system and integrated with security, activating lights and sirens. Cloud-based mass notification systems can get the word out through text messages, emails, and desktop alerts. In addition, public address systems can be integrated with fire alarm systems, and emergency lighting keeps the lights on even if the power fails. 

Notification is also immediately sent to a monitoring station where highly trained personnel determine when a situation requires immediate notification of emergency personnel. They also guide employees and those onsite through the event, reducing errors caused by panic. 

At ASAP Security Services, we offer scalable fire detection solutions for every type of business and industry. To learn more about these systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ASAP Security Services today. 


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