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Add Customizable Safety Measures with EST Fire Alarms

Stay Protected How, When, and Where Your Site Needs It the Most!

Add Customizable Safety Measures with EST Fire Alarms

The ASAP Security Services team has written extensively about school safety, and we take pride in being a premier EST fire alarm provider to campuses in Katy and the Greater Houston region. 

With advanced fire safety measures, your Texas facility can not only prevent extensive property damage due to smoke and fire incidents, but you’ll be able to save lives with extensive security, mass notification, and site-wide control when and where it matters the most!

Keep reading below to discover how an EST alarm goes beyond the basic fire alarm to protect your students, faculty, and staff.

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Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

While one short could potentially render a campus unresponsive, any open wiring or short in an EST system is isolated without losing network functionality. Instead, sub-networks are automatically created, so all communications panels can adequately respond in a timely manner. This distributed intelligence technology equates to survivability when emergencies arise, protecting your students and teachers from danger. 

EST fire alarms also feature unmatched, best-in-class multi-sensor smoke detectors, and installation is ideal for new and older campuses alike. Older properties don’t need to remain vulnerable simply because they aren’t new. Intelligent Signature Series paneling takes advantage of existing writing, so material and labor costs are significantly reduced for retrofit panel installations.

More Than Fire Safety

EST provides forward-thinking, backward-compatible life safety panels that go beyond the basic fire alarm. Imagine having nearly 60 miles of high-performance network wiring that synchronizes with your mass notification system, even if one or a multiple wiring shorts are detected. Or multiplexed audio messaging function that delivers eight simultaneous messages to the appropriate areas for an improved and streamlined response. 

In addition to incident detection and response, managing an EST fire alarm is a straightforward experience. Facilities managers and campus administrators have a central command station from the convenience of their tablet or smartphone. 

Your Students & Faculty Are Safe

Our team offers comprehensive inspection and maintenance services to ensure your system is always up and running. We can also handle systemwide updates and testing so your campus can adequately respond to emerging threats and breaches as needed throughout the year. There’s no need to put your staff or students at risk due to an outdated emergency response solution. 

We’re Your Campus Safety Expert

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your campus safety plan in light of recent news events or recently received local funding to upgrade your campus, ASAP Security Services is here for you every step of the way. Connect with one of our representatives by chatting at the bottom of your screen, or fill out this online form to start a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you.