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Improve Security and Access Control With Facial Recognition

Learn Why Biometric Verification is the Fastest Growing Safety Application

Improve Security and Access Control With Facial Recognition

One of the most critical safety and security components is verifying and approving individuals for entry. While photo ID, keycards/fobs, and pushbutton combo locks furnish a semi-automated method for allowing only credentialed people, it is not infallible. 

facial recognition system protects against lost or stolen cards, unlocking doors and approving the release of restricted inventory with the unique features of a person's face. Modern systems consistently produce accuracy rates of 97.7% across all demographics; as such, their implementation has grown considerably over the past few years. 

Are you looking for assured identification and attendance verification for your Houston, TX institution? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

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In the most basic terms, the technology involves using a person's facial characteristics and features to authenticate identity. The system utilizes surface features such as the distance between eyes, the shape of the nose, and jawlines, in addition to less apparent biological expressions. The cameras distinguish between heat and vascular construction patterns and skin texture analysis. 

Once a live image is captured, it is converted into a spatial template that looks something like an abstract fingerprint. The sophisticated analysis system compares the file to the hundreds of locally stored images or references national and international databases of known criminals, suspects, or terminated employees. 

Improved Public Security

In recent years, both regional and national law enforcement agencies have increasingly relied on facial identification to simultaneously improve the capture of suspects and decrease wait times for average travelers. The Customs and Border Protection agency indicates that by 2023 nearly 97% of passengers will be checked using these systems. 

The technology can also be applied to advanced security camera systems. As high-definition recordings and 8 MP steams become standard, identifying suspects before they can act or clearly ID’ing them reduces crime and improves apprehension rates. 

Touchless Access Approval

A significant fail point with standard physical access products is that these pieces are often lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged. All of these factors cause delays and confusion until a new credential is procured and programmed. By using the indisputable and much harder to lose physical features, an employee themselves is the ID card. 

Removing the need to touch readers, slide cards, or punch in combination reduces exposure to viruses and reduces wear and tear on the hardware. During flu and cold seasons, limiting the potential for infection keeps employees healthy and productive. 

Better Security with Biometrics 

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