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Why OpenEye is the Future of Video Surveillance

OpenEye Combines the Best of the Cloud with Secure Local Recording

Why OpenEye is the Future of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have been around for a long time. When video recording transitioned from analog to digital technology, vast new worlds were opened up in video surveillance. Digital brought the ability to store vast amounts of video efficiently and the ability to index and find specific footage quickly.

Cloud computing has also brought a sea change in information services. Out smartphones depend on cloud-based applications for most of what the apps do.  In video surveillance, the cloud also brought significant advantages. Cloud computing delivers the ability to deal with a huge number of devices and synchronize information across devices and systems efficiently. But in video surveillance, complete reliance on the cloud can have disadvantages in speed and security, depending on the application. One company, OpenEye, has managed to fuse the best of local video surveillance with secure cloud management and features. OpenEye is simply a smarter way to do video surveillance. For many commercial and high-end residential video surveillance applications in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, it offers the perfect balance of ease of use, administration, and performance. Read on to learn more about this innovative video monitoring solution.

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Management

Cloud-based management, control, and alerts open up many useful features in video surveillance. With online user management, one central source can manage user access and permissions across an entire network of video recording systems at many sites. With a single login, an administrator or user can sign in on any supported device (like a PC) and get the same view for any system for which they have access. With user profiles, your customized views and layouts are saved, so you get the same camera views you prefer from whatever device you use.

IT administrators appreciate tools that help them monitor hardware remotely to ensure systems are working or if they are about to fail. OpenEye’s health monitoring can keep operators informed of hard drive health for recording, network issues, camera failures, and tampering attempts.

OpenEye's cloud-based management makes administration easier and more cost-effective. Gone are complexities like port configurations on networks, VPN access requirements, and other technical requirements in older systems. And when software updates are available, a click of a button can trigger the upgrade to any remotely managed node.

Enhanced Usability

The OpenEye system uses the cloud effectively for easier usability. Video footage from incidents can be exported and stored in the cloud and shared securely via password-protected links with staff or law enforcement personnel. When motion is recorded after hours or in any area you designate for alerts, cloud-based notifications instantly alert personnel for any action that may be needed.

An excellent example of OpenEye’s usability is with its mobile and Apple TV apps. Push notifications come to a smartphone with thumbnail images, and tapping for details shows details about location, camera name, and more. A user can view live video and playback video at different forward and rewind speeds. For notification management, the user can set rules to see only the notification they want or need. Alerts can even sync preview images with a connected Apple Watch, too.

OpenEye's Apple TV app offers a simple, cost-effective way to get a multi-camera view on a large display without costly multiple cable feeds or video distribution hardware. It displays live video in a quad or single camera view and quickly switches between recorders and video cameras via the Apple TV remote.

ASAP Security Services is proud to offer the OpenEye cloud video platform and other state of the art video surveillance solutions for any commercial or residential application. To learn more, set up a consultation with our team by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form, or starting a live chat with us below. We look forward to working with you!