5 Reasons to Embrace a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution

Avoid the Many Pitfalls Associated with Commercial Video Surveillance

5 Reasons to Embrace a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution

Are you still relying on physical storage for your commercial video surveillance? Spy movies have romanticized the idea of invaluable video evidence saved on a CD-ROM, floppy disk or, more recently, a USB drive. As the tension builds, evidence exchanges hands dangerously from person to person. Along the way, it falls into the wrong hands or simply falls and shatters—taking the valuable footage out with it. 

New cloud management systems are putting those poor screenwriters out of work. You can now easily share and store footage in your Austin, TX, business and leave the drama for the movie theater. A cloud management solution offers a much safer and more efficient approach in the following ways.

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Harming or Losing Evidence

When you place your video content in physical storage, it’s out of your hands. There is no way to be sure it will make it safely to the authorities or insurance agents. Every time that USB drive exchanges hands, it’s at risk of being lost or damaged. While we don’t expect things to get as crazy as they do in the movies, the risks are still real. Now with cloud video surveillance, send a link to the relevant content via email or share log-in credentials with those involved.

Direct Chain of Evidence

A transparent chain of evidence needs to be present if you ever want to prosecute a crime that occurred on your property. During an investigation, detectives will want to talk to everyone who handled those files. Zeroing in on who handled evidence is simple with a cloud management solution. It just means pulling up your commercial video surveillance to see who logged in to view the files or who clicked the links containing the content. Logs will show how many views and downloads there were. Additionally, video files include vital information on the time, place, and date of the recording.

Speed Up Your Delivery Times

How long will it take you to find, download, and then transport your content from your security cameras to the necessary parties? It could take a few hours or even weeks, depending on how far that video needs to go. Each passing minute delays essential investigations. With insurance claims, it also means a longer wait before you get any compensation. Recipients get your content instantly through a cloud solution. Have them log in to your system to view the files or share an encrypted link with them. 

Never Lose Valuable Footage

Often, business owners don't realize there are issues with their security footage until it’s too late. When you rely on physical storage, it’s easy for someone to tamper with it and remove valuable evidence. A cloud management solution immediately backs up your content and stores it somewhere safe. During a power outage or equipment failure, that footage is still there for you to use and share as needed.

Enjoy Unlimited Video Storage

Have you ever looked for valuable video footage only to find it was overwritten? Because there's a physical cap on the amount of footage your tapes can hold, many systems only keep footage for a few days, weeks or months. Even if you exchange your tapes regularly to prevent this issue, there's always the risk something will get lost along the way. Cloud-based commercial video surveillance gives you unlimited space. Effortlessly search through your content based on time, location, or even physical characteristics—like a man in a red shirt and jeans.


Do you want to learn more about why cloud management is the best option for your commercial surveillance? Ask one of our security experts how this solution can most benefit you. Just give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to set up a consultation.

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