5 Ways That Avigilon Security Solutions Provide Superior Protection

A Sharper and Smarter Approach to Security Solutions

5 Ways That Avigilon Security Solutions Provide Superior Protection

In the U.S., companies spend a very significant $15 billion on video surveillance operations. Yet, according to a recent global survey by Forbes, most of them monitor fewer than 50% of their valuable assets.

Why the disparity? The main reason is that traditional video surveillance systems rely on older analog technology. The management consoles don’t integrate well with other security tools and systems. And human operation for surveillance leads to fatigue and missed security breaches.

At ASAP Security Services, we strive to offer Texas organizations the best security technology solutions that provide high-performance with high ROI. One of our premier partners is Avigilon, which offers state-of-the-art security solutions that are sharper and smarter than others. Read on to see how Avigilon solutions can offer your Houston company the protection it needs for today's security challenges.

Sharper Imagery

Higher resolution cameras provide clearer, sharper pictures and can cover a wider area with one camera. Sharp digital images are essential for intelligent features like license plate and facial recognition. However, it's not just about camera technology. The rest of the system must be designed to handle high resolution from a storage and bandwidth standpoint, while not degrading image quality and analytics. Avigilon systems are designed to provide fast response at high quality, so security personnel can immediately see and act upon suspicious activity.

Smarter Analytics

Analytics can take two forms. Footage can be analyzed after an incident to identify perpetrators. Realtime video analytics can use advanced algorithms that identify patterns as they happen to create actionable real-time alerts. Moreover, advanced analytics are built into the cameras for faster response, better machine learning, and minimized false alarms.

Smarter Control

Avigilon's Access Control Manager (ACM) is thoroughly integrated into the security solutions. With a browser-based interface, security personnel have access to the system from any connected smart device. During emergencies, ACM helps your security team track staff locations and give first responders precise locations of people within the facility for rescue or evacuation.

End-to-End Solutions

Avigilon’s integrated solutions enable your security team to respond faster and more intelligently. If the ACM detects someone attempting to use an invalid badge to enter a facility, security personnel can instantly see video of the person and respond as the situation demands. If camera video analytics detects an unauthorized person in a secure area, security personnel can quickly determine if the person is an intruder and talk to the person via camera audio, or get onsite security or law enforcement to respond as necessary.

Cost-Effective Security

Avigilon’s security solutions provide a high return on investment. High-resolution cameras cover more area with less equipment. Advanced video analytics can monitor many more screens than humans, decreasing security personnel workloads. And intelligent analytic algorithms require far less manual calibration, increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance and personnel costs.

Houston-based ASAP Security Services has vast experience across Texas with sophisticated security and surveillance systems in both the public and commercial sectors. To learn more about Avigilon’s advanced security solutions, set up a consultation with our team by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form, or starting a live chat with us below. We look forward to working with you!

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