How Avigilon Security Cameras Use Advanced Technology for Smarter Security

Avigilon Security Solutions Keep Your Premises Safer

How Avigilon Security Cameras Use Advanced Technology for Smarter Security

Security cameras are fast becoming a foundational component of premises security infrastructure. With newer digital technology, security camera solutions have advanced far beyond the capabilities of older analog CCTV-type solutions.

One company that continues to push the envelope in smart surveillance solutions is Avigilon. Part of Motorola Solutions, Avigilon has a significant presence in Texas and offers advanced artificial intelligence-based software features that continue to add state-of-the-art capabilities to their solutions. Let’s explore further the advanced features of Avigilon security cameras that keep your buildings and facilities in the Woodlands safer than competing solutions.

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Ultra-High Resolution

High resolution is critical for capturing more detail and allowing a camera to analyze a wide area while also recognizing essential information like faces, vehicle types, and license plates. For example, Avigilon's 7K 30-megapixel camera is the industry's first single-sensor solution, with the equivalent coverage area of 99 VGA resolution units. The high resolution also enables advanced video analytics to identify objects and situations with greater accuracy.

High-Performance Platforms

To run advanced intelligent analytics, you need to have the right level of processing power. Avigilon builds the processing power into the camera instead of purely relying on cloud processing. The result is faster analytics performance and enhanced captured image detail. Another advantage is the more efficient and intelligent use of bandwidth for better network performance. 

Advanced Video Analytics

Avigilon video surveillance use state-of-the-art machine learning software that leverages the local processing power built into the cameras. A software-based approach allows for continuing enhancements ­– just like the best intelligent consumer products do today – and regular updates to ensure solid cybersecurity protection. In response to the pandemic, Avigilon was able to adapt its systems for needed point solutions like face mask detection and social distancing using the same camera hardware.

Innovative Night Vision

The best night vision solutions aren’t deterred by smoke and fog. Avigilon cameras use thermal imaging and intelligent analytics to detect objects and situations in poor and challenging light conditions, including smoke, fog, absolute darkness, and partially camouflaged scenarios.

Proven Capability

Avigilon security camera solutions are found in environments that demand high-performance for accuracy and quick reaction.  Avigilon’s high-resolution cameras are utilized in the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium to detect potentially dangerous situations across the vast 80,000-seat venue. In the lively and sometimes raucous Northgate entertainment area in College Station (the home of Texas A&M University), Avigilon's advanced solutions help security and law enforcement officials keep things fun and safe.

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