Supply Chain Bottlenecks Are Affecting Safety Systems in Pricing and Availability

Fire Detection Systems and Other Safety Solutions Experiencing Shortages

Supply Chain Bottlenecks Are Affecting Safety Systems in Pricing and Availability

The effects of a still relentless pandemic continue to hamper supply chains around the world. From lockdowns that slow the flow of finished goods and raw material to labor shortages that delay manufacturing, the end of our current crisis seems slow to materialize. 

Unfortunately, the disruption to the global supply chain may get worse before it gets any better. As demand continues to increase, worker shortages, the delay in obtaining critical components for production, and transportation challenges have continued to result in a supply chain crisis, affecting the fire detection system in Pearland, TX, and around the world. Which is why, if you’re interested in installing or upgrading your system, you should get your project scheduled ASAP. 

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The Current Supply Chain Crisis 

According to CNBC, Moody Analytics’ Tim Uy reported that supply chain problems “will get worse before they get better.” He also noted bottlenecks in every part of the supply chain, from labor to containers, trucks, and ports. 

When demand exceeds supply, it’s certain that prices will rise. Add to that the increased cost in freight and shipping, and it’s clear that the cost of goods will continue to escalate. Thus far, there does not seem to be a clear end in sight to the supply chain disruptions.

You've probably seen the picture of the massive lineup of cargo ships waiting to dock and unload their shipments, in part due to port staff shortages. According to Business Insider, West Coast ports are still seeing waiting periods of up to four weeks. 

How the Crisis is Affecting the Security Industry

The supply chain crisis also affects the security industry. The pandemic brought to light the need for safety and security in businesses, and creating a safer environment includes installing and maintaining fire systems.

Because of COVID-19, businesses either saw significantly diminished capacity or shut down altogether. Now, they are up and running, experiencing increased demand, and ready to make sure their businesses do all they can for their customer's safety and security. 

At ASAP Security Services, we partner with the top industry brands. One of these is Honeywell. Established over 100 years ago, they continue to offer innovative technology solutions in aerospace, performance materials, safety and productivity solutions, and home and building technologies. 

We utilize several of their best-in-class products when providing businesses with intelligent fire protection systems. A few of these include Honeywell's Farenhyt Series with public safety radio coverage, Fire-Lite alarms, control panels, mass notification systems, and smoke and CO detectors. 

Honeywell Announces Part Shortages

Unfortunately, even they are not immune to the current supply chain bottlenecks. According to Reuters, on October 22, 2021, Honeywell announced a cut in its full-year sales forecast due to a shortage of parts caused by global supply chain disruptions

They noted that a shortage in an electronic component was affecting their safety and productivity solutions unit and that several factors were contributing to the disruption. These included a rising increase of COVID-19 cases in Asia, labor shortages, and skyrocketing prices in raw materials. 

 As demand continues to outstrip supply, prices in this company and others are expected to escalate. General Electric recently announced that supply chain issues would result in increased prices needed to offset cost pressures in materials.

The list of manufacturers announcing significant price increases is long and continues to grow. The shortages have already started impacting projects and timelines. We recommend to all of our clients that, if you are considering upgrading or installing new security systems, don’t delay. 

ASAP Security Services has been serving Texans since 1947, creating secure businesses, schools, and government buildings through fire detection systems, remote access control, video surveillance, security systems, and more. If you would like more information about how the current crisis affects security products and how you can avoid further price increases, contact ASAP Security Services today.

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