Why Integrated Systems are the Next Big Thing in Building Security

Your Premises are More Secure When Everything Works Together

Why Integrated Systems are the Next Big Thing in Building Security

In technology, it’s often too easy to create islands. Let’s say you needed a solution for access control in your building. You researched methods, decided on a particular type, obtained vendor bids, and implemented a solution. Next, you needed video surveillance in key parts of the premises. You went through a decision process and implemented that too. Then, you may have invested in an alarm system for further protection. Perhaps another vendor offered an excellent price on the alarm system, and it was installed.

Often, these systems were implemented over some time. Or an old system was upgraded with the same brand because it was easier. And sometimes these decisions are made by different people with differing opinions on requirements and technologies. Do all these systems work together well? Or at all?

Surprisingly, many of these solutions don’t talk or integrate with each other. The access control system has its own database that doesn’t tie to any other software. The alarm system is its own island, with no integration with video surveillance. The result of these failings may be significant investments in technology, yet your building isn’t taking advantage of everything that could be done to increase safety and security.

Let’s explore some considerations for integrated building security systems to maximize protection for your tenants, staff, and properties in Memorial, TX.

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Criteria for Choosing Building Security Systems

With any security system, you should look at the following factors for a more holistic security strategy:

  • Interoperability – Your security system should have various ways to integrate with other solutions. You might choose an ecosystem approach from one vendor with a system that includes surveillance, access control, alarms and more. But you may not want to be locked in with one vendor, so look for systems with various integration points in software and standard hardware interfaces.

  • Installation – This may be another interoperability factor, as you may want to use existing wiring for access control or surveillance cameras rather than install new.

  • Maintenance Costs – Balance up-front costs with maintenance and upgrade costs. Also, do recurring fees lock you into certain services, like proprietary cloud video storage?

Take Advantage of New Technology

In access control systems, magnetic keycards are a common solution. But they can be expensive to manage. Replacement cards often cost over $20, are frequently lost, and unfortunately are easily sharable. As most people have smartphones, consider mobile app technology as a way to replace physical keycards. They can be highly secure with the right encryption and make it easy to employ two-factor authentication with integrated fingerprint and face detection technologies in smartphones. The smartphone approach can increase interoperability should you choose to change systems because they will use standard communication protocols.

Look for Integration Points

The point of integrating systems like alarms, access control, and video surveillance can be technology, not humans. Consider alarms and video surveillance. If an unauthorized entry is detected, the alarm can trigger a video view with a snapshot and direct it instantly to the appropriate security staff. What if an employee didn't "badge in" to an entry and followed someone through an unclosed door? A smart access control system using smartphone authentication could detect that the person was, in fact, authorized and not generate an alarm. And if you employ two-factor authentication on smart devices, you can also inhibit the sharing of smartphones for unauthorized access.

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