Provide Support for Safety Staff with Automated School Security Systems

Give Your Officers Essential Information for Quick Resolutions with Enhanced Monitoring

Provide Support for Safety Staff with Automated School Security Systems

The responsibilities of keeping your Memorial, TX schools safe are all-encompassing. You and your staff must keep a constant vigil for any sign of trouble ranging from fights and teenage attempts at circumventing the system to more serious threats. It is a heavy load ensuring the safety and security of the local children. Such a critical undertaking should not be left only to humans whose eyes and attention spans are fallible.

While ongoing specialized training provides your staff with sharpened skills, they cannot keep watch on every nuance or subtle clue. Investing in automated school security systems relieves some of the high-pressure burdens from your staff. With less need to account for every student’s actions, they can concentrate on performing their immediate duties.

Read more below to learn how AI, sensors, and control management systems enable better detection, prevention, and situation resolution.

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AI Sees What You Do Not

Camera surveillance systems allow you to cover a broader area in more detail from a central location. The sophisticated lensing lets you zoom in on the sports fields, fence lines, and parking lots while wide-angle optics observe an entire room, stairwells, odd building nooks.

Artificial intelligence built into many systems automatically identifies, tracks, and logs suspicious activity day or night in all weather conditions. The cloud-based services notify dispatchers, field officers, and security administrators to initiate an appropriate response when suspicious activity is detected.

Detection Leads to Resolution

Having a well-practiced safety plan helps to ensure that staff, officers, and students know what to do and where to go in an emergency. Early detection enables you to isolate the issue, take appropriate action, and diffuse the situation sooner.

Broken glass and gunshot detectors are vital, alerting everyone to the existing threats, giving you the advantage of knowing where to send support quickly. Studies show that shortening the time between detection and action significantly impacts survivability and suspect neutralization.

Access Accountability

A school is a tight-knit community that supports each other in growing academically and cheering the same football team to victory. Every staff member develops relationships with the students; you know their names and can often identify them on sight. Larger schools require more stringent protocols for admittance, access to different buildings, and parent accessibility.

Automatic access control systems furnish a means for most students to enter the building and move from floor to floor without having to put a guard at every door. Each access request is recorded, indicating the student’s name, time of use, and travel path. Students who have been suspended, expelled, or called in sick that day can be swiftly intercepted.

Efficiency Equals Effectiveness

You and your officers take on the grave job of protecting the children of a community. Having the support of automated systems enables you to work more effectively. There is no better time to upgrade your security systems. Are you ready to provide more efficient safety to your school?


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