How Biometric Access Control Increases Security and Flexibility

Go Beyond Key Cards, Fobs, Or the Need for Additional Safety Staff With A Flexible And Secure Entry Management System.

How Biometric Access Control Increases Security and Flexibility

Security is an ever-growing necessity for any business. Whether you oversee the safety of a warehouse, financial institutions, information centers, or research and development, managing who can enter is critical.

Access control is often regulated with photo ID cards, electronic fobs, and even sign-in sheets with physical security staff on hand. At the same time, these standard security procedures help you manage the inflow of people they can be surmounted and can cost more to operate over time. 

Biometric networks give you the ability to provide each individual unique access credentials that cannot be copied or lost. Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Austin, TX company? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Personalized Security 

Biometric access control uses four main techniques to verify the identity of people; each contains multiple points of reference. 

Fingerprint systems are the most common form of personal ID, used on devices ranging from door locks, safes, and personal computers. The hardware and installation are relatively inexpensive, and the process is familiar to nearly any potential user. 

Facial recognition has become ubiquitous in recent years as better computer systems, cheaper storage, and higher bandwidth speeds have become standard. Anyone who travels regularly has encountered a version of this as the TSA relies on it extensively. 

Iris scanners use high-resolution cameras and infrared light systems that map the eye. This method details 260 key marks, as opposed to the 16 for fingerprints, and converts this information into a template that is 90-95% accurate. 

Palm Vein scans are extraordinarily reliable, accurate and mitigate privacy concerns the other methods can encounter. Using the ability to map the over 5 million data points of each person’s unique vein patterns, a user simply presents their palm to the scanner and enters. 

Ease Of Management

Biometric systems offer additional measures to secure your business. Because an individual’s features are distinctly their own, they cannot be easily copied or faked. Unlike key cards and fobs, the identifying factors cannot be lost.

In addition, access control provides a means to track who is entering or leaving a campus, building, or specific room. When used in highly sensitive areas such as IT server rooms, healthcare records, and product development, you can guarantee personal safety and security of people and information. 

Employees’ roles change over time, and biometric security gives you the flexibility to update access as needed. A few simple configuration changes expand accessibility, open more doors, add restrictions, or prohibit terminated staff from reentering. 

Gain Control Today

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