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Keep an Eye on Your Business from Any Location with Remote Access Control

The Many Ways Business Owners Benefit from Remote Access Control

Keep an Eye on Your Business from Any Location with Remote Access Control

If you’re a business owner, you know how hectic a day in the life can be. The last thing you want to worry about is theft, security breaches, or crime. If you have a security system in place (or planning to implement one soon), you can’t always be on-location to monitor alarms, cameras, or automatic door locks. But what if you didn’t need to be at the office to know what’s going on?

With remote access control, you can view security system information and feeds from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Discover the benefits access control will have on your Fort Worth, TX, business.

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Access All Security Technology

Once you have a remote access system integrated by a professional technician, you can access even more than security cameras from your favorite device. You’ll receive alerts from motion-activated alarms so that if anything suspicious occurs after-hours, you’ll know. Or perhaps it’s just the cleaning team arriving in the morning, and you can put your phone aside knowing that business is running smoothly.

If you have control card-readers on your company’s doors, you may check in to see who has been coming and going and at what time. Use this feature to create time logs of employee activity and monitor access to your facility. With automatic locks, you can remotely lock and unlock doors, or check to ensure the building was adequately locked after everyone left for the day.

Manage Multiple Locations

Whether you run a cupcake shop, a gym, or an office building, if you have multiple locations or separate units, the security can be a lot to handle. With remote access control, keep tabs on each of your restaurants, stores, or commercial locations without having to travel back and forth. If you receive a notification that a back door is unlocked at location A as you’re at location B, you can call your business partner or manager to discuss the issue. After hours, you can check in to ensure all locations are flawless. 

Assess Customer Traffic Patterns

With motion sensors in your doorways, you can also collect information from your access control system about customer traffic patterns. Regardless if you own a restaurant or clothing store, you can track which hours of the day are busiest and use the data to make informed decisions about scheduling and business hours.

As an affordable alternative to the high cost of on-site security guards, remote access control will give you peace of mind and the freedom to monitor security devices anywhere.

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