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3 Systems to Strengthen Commercial Access Control Solutions

Ensure complete protection for your San Antonio business with these powerful add-ons to your access control system

3 Systems to Strengthen Commercial Access Control Solutions

One of the more unpleasant but still crucial aspects of running any business is security. Security for your business encompasses everything from your building and employees to your data and physical assets. All of these different elements need proper protection, and one way to provide that protection is with an access control system.

Having an automated system to keep bad actors out of unwanted areas is a powerful tool, but having the right features in place can make your San Antonio, TX business that much safer. Here are three technology systems you can install to supplement your business’ access control.

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Moving to a keyless entry system is one of the best ways to make your business more secure, but keycards and similar devices can still be stolen, allowing criminals to get inside your office space. A better solution is to move to biometric access control.

By scanning for features of an employee’s biology that are unique to them – their fingerprint, retinal scan, etc. – biometric scanners make it much harder for people with bad intentions to break inside your building. Criminals might be able to steal a key or keycard, but they won’t be able to fake a fingerprint or eye scan.

Biometric security is also useful in deterring employee theft. If an employee uses a biometric scanner to enter your property after hours, the system will log their entry, letting you see exactly who it was and when they were there.


The best security tools are proactive, letting you take action to prevent a crime or stop it in progress instead of merely reacting after something has happened. One of the best preventative security measures you can bring to your business is video analytics.

Video analytics systems transform your business’ surveillance cameras from passive observers into active participants. The latest analytics software can recognize faces and license plates, and even recognize when someone has been loitering around your property for an unusual length of time. If the system senses that something’s wrong, it can notify you and give you a chance to take proper precautions.


Another way to enhance your business’ access control system is with geo-fencing. Geo-fencing involves using proximity sensors and other tools to create predetermined zones in and around your business, limiting access to certain areas or systems.

There are a number of ways you can deploy this technology. At the most basic level, you can shut down access to your property during certain time periods or days of the week. Or you can do the inverse and lock down certain rooms or business if the sensors sense anyone nearby after the workday is over.

For additional protection, you can use sensors embedded in your employees’ keycards to restrict access to key areas of your business. If the doors don’t open for anyone without the proper keycard, it makes it much harder for anyone to steal anything.

A sophisticated access control system is one of the best and most convenient ways to protect your San Antonio business. To learn more about our commercial security solutions, call us today at (877) 418-ASAP. You can also visit our contact page or speak with a customer service associate using the chat box below.

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