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How Can Access Control Help to Prevent Employee Theft?

Security Solutions Aren't Just There to Protect You from External Threats

How Can Access Control Help to Prevent Employee Theft?

Most business security measures are focused on addressing burglary from an intruder or break-in. Access control measures, in particular, are all about keeping the wrong people out. But what if it turns out your employees are the ones responsible for theft on your property? Do you have measures in place to both prevent employee theft and catch it if it does occur?

Some studies estimate U.S. businesses lose up to $50 billion a year to employee theft. Although you can address many concerns through your hiring and training practices, there should always be extra measures in place for a worst-case scenario. In this blog, we'll showcase some ways that access control solutions help you prevent, identify, and respond to employees stealing.

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Keep Track of Your Employees' Schedules

Do you have a way to keep track of when your employees come and go during a typical workday? Usually, we love to praise employees that are the first ones in and last ones out. Typically, that means they're extremely hard workers, but it can also be cause for alarm. They may be keeping these extra hours to have access to your business when no one else is around.

Our access control solutions can help in two regards. First, we'll implement unique access codes or cards for all of your employees. Since everyone has their code, you'll know exactly when they come and go and be able to isolate patterns. Each code will have different permissions so they can only enter your property 30 minutes before or after an allotted shift.

Reduce Access to Your Sensitive Areas

Not only should you have locks at your entryways, but also for any storage or equipment areas with high-value items with a higher risk of theft. Create additional restrictions on security codes based on location, so employees only get access based on their tasks and responsibilities.

To get added peace of mind, you get a notification anytime someone uses their code for these high-security areas. After receiving the information, pull up live surveillance footage to ensure it's the approved employee utilizing the code and that they're there for the right reasons.

Take Advantage of Your Security Logs

Execute a thorough investigation when anything goes missing using your company's security logs. Since your access control system tracks who is on your property at a given time, it's easy to isolate suspects when there isn't clear evidence of a break-in. Check security logs on your computer or mobile app to see when employees came in that day and which areas they accessed.

By identifying the people present at the time, it'll be easier for you and the authorities to investigate the theft. Even if your employees were not involved, you'd know who to interview to figure out if they saw any suspicious people or activities on the day of the crime.

Easily Revoke Access for Past Employees

Unfortunately, former employees are a risk you have to consider as well. Security codes are a great alternative to giving employees keys since you can easily revoke them. Each time an employee leaves the company, delete their profile from your access control system so they can no longer use their code. This offers a much more efficient solution than keys, where disgruntled employees might have copied a key before returning it to you.

Have any more questions about how to use access control to deter and respond to employee theft? Our experts will meet with you and help you isolate any vulnerabilities in your business to address them directly. All you have to do to get started is give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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