3 Reasons Facial Recognition is a Must for Your Business

Protect your company from intrusion with biometric access control

3 Reasons Facial Recognition is a Must for Your Business

Facial recognition is a form of biometric access control. In this case, a person’s facial features are recorded and stored in the database. The access control software reads a person’s face, and if it matches with the data stored, access is granted. But if the system fails to recognize the person’s features, the doors remain locked.

It is a simple yet effective solution that can dramatically boost security and offer countless other benefits. Read on to learn the top 3 reasons your Katy, TX business needs biometric recognition.


1. A Hands-Free and Keyless Solution

Traditionally, access control systems require keycards or PIN codes that grant or restrict access based on the information provided. But both these solutions come with their share of downsides. For starters, keycards can be stolen, while PIN codes can be shared and misused.

Of course, both these methods can be deactivated if needed, but it is possible for them to get into the wrong hands and be misused before they can be blocked or reported. But with biometric recognition, you can go completely hands-free and keyless. Instead of carrying around a key, the software reads your facial features to permit or restrict access, making access control more secure and foolproof. 

2. Keeps a Tab on Employees and Visitors

Besides strengthening security, biometric recognition also helps you keep a firm check on all employee and visitor activity.

If your company has access control implemented in multiple spaces, you can easily get information about which workers are in a particular area at a given time. If you spot any employees where they shouldn’t be, you can immediately take action. 

Additionally, this information becomes extremely valuable in case of incidents such as theft, fire breakouts, etc. The database will give you a complete list of all the employees present within the building, which can help with evacuation and police investigations.

3. Reduces Manual Effort

Manually marking attendance is prone to human errors, especially when calculating overtime, late comings, and leaves. It may also hinder payroll generation. However, biometric recognition simplifies the process by making such tasks fully automated. As a result, it reduces manual effort and makes your company more efficient and productive. The chances of errors in automated attendance marking are little to none.

Integrate facial recognition into your office to make it more secure and unbreachable. We work with the top security brands to ensure our clients get highly reliable products that keep their commercial property safe from harm. Our team is filled with experienced technicians that offer the best service in the area. Call (877) 418-ASAP or fill out our contact form to get started. 


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