Strengthen Security by Adding a School Surveillance System

Deal with threats quickly with smart surveillance

 Strengthen Security by Adding a School Surveillance System

One of the biggest responsibilities of running a school is to ensure your students and staff remain protected. With the rise in school shooting incidents, it is even more crucial to step up your security. 

A lot of different features work collectively to protect your campus from potential threats, but  a school surveillance system is one of the most vital ones. 

Besides keeping a check on student activities, it also helps detect unusual occurrences before they become a threat. Read on to learn all the benefits of having smart surveillance cameras at your Lubbock, TX, campus. 


Real-Time Alerts with Advanced Video Analytics

A surveillance system keeps an eagle’s eye on your school. The smart surveillance cameras are connected to any mobile device, enabling you to check in on students and staff at any time of the day. But the most valuable feature of the security system is that it can send automated alerts whenever any unusual or threatening activity is detected by video analytics. 

Most modern surveillance systems are equipped with threat detection technology that can identify criminal intent way before it becomes a problem. Consequently, you can take a proactive approach and anticipate threats that can jeopardize the lives of your students or teachers. 

Besides detecting and recording footage, the cameras produce high-quality images that can be used by law enforcement authorities during investigations to apprehend the culprit if they manage to flee from the site. 

Complete Surveillance Throughout the Campus

Surveillance systems can cover every inch of your school, from hallways and cafeterias to classrooms and parking lots. By partnering with professionals, you can ensure that there aren’t any blindspots. 

This not only strengthens security but also helps improve discipline on campus. All instances of bullying, smoking, etc., can be recorded and used as evidence when administering disciplinary action. 

Be it indoors or outdoors, no space in your school will be left without constant surveillance. Plus, it is a much more efficient solution than hiring a surveillance guard to patrol on-site. 

With smart surveillance cameras present on school grounds, you or your school’s security team will receive immediate alerts if any suspicious activities are spotted. 


Never let an intruder put the safety of your students and staff at risk with a school surveillance system. We work with the top security brands to ensure all our clients receive quality results. With us as your integrators, you can gain peace of mind that your school is under constant watch for threats and unusual activities. Our services are the most trusted in all of Texas. Call (877) 418-ASAP to get started on your project. You can also reach out to our team by filling out an easy online contact form.


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