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What Hardware Components Does Your Access Control System Require?

Find out what your business needs to get an access control system up and running

What Hardware Components Does Your Access Control System Require?

commercial access control system is the best way for you to monitor and control who’s entering and leaving your property and when they’re doing so. Modern access control systems are managed with sophisticated software that allows supervisors and administrators to decide access levels for every employee, vendor, and guest on the property. Access control software also documents every action taken when someone attempts to enter a building or room.

These software solutions coordinate with hardware components located throughout your property. Your Waco, TX, business may require different hardware solutions depending on the type of system you deploy. Keep reading to learn some of the basic components of access control systems!

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Access Cards and Card Readers

If you choose to grant access using keycards or fobs, you’ll need card readers installed at every door and cards distributed to every employee, vendor, or guest who needs access to your building. There are several types of readers to choose from: some require a card insertion, while some require a card swipe, and others take a proximity reading. 


A PIN pad/keypad installed directly on door locks is the most convenient way to grant or deny access, but it’s also the least secure. The risk is that it’s easy for employees or vendors to pass along a PIN to other people who may use it to attempt a break-in. Another downside is that employees are more prone to forgetting their PINs, especially if you change them often.

A more secure option is installing a card reader that includes a keypad. Employees and vendors must use a physical card and a unique PIN to gain access to a building or room. 

Biometric Reader

biometric scan controls building access by identifying and matching unique characteristics like fingerprints, handprints, retinas, irises and faces. A biometric reader can be mounted at every door that requires authorization for entry. One challenge for eye or facial scanners is installing the reader at an appropriate and comfortable height for everyone who needs access to the building or room.

Like with other access control solutions, you can find integrated readers with biometric and keycard or PIN access for greater security.  

Electric Locks

The electric lock hardware is the device that electronically unlocks the door when access is granted from a keycard swipe, PIN, or fingerprint scan. Electric locks also automatically lock a door after it closes. The majority of electronic locks can be installed with a physical key option in case of emergency or system malfunction. 


Many access control systems are integrated with fire alarms and intrusion detection alarms for more comprehensive building security. If the fire alarm goes off, the access control system can automatically unlock or turn off door locks so that everyone can exit the building safely. If the intrusion detection system picks up on an abnormal action  like someone trying to unlock a door they don’t have access to  the access control system can send a notification to a supervisor or security guard.

Control Panel

Field panels are the control centers of your system. The panels connect your hardware components to the internet and process every action to authorize or deny access when a keycard, PIN, or scan is attempted. The number of control panels you’ll need is dependent upon your building and system size. These panels are installed in electrical or communication closets.   

Are you interested in adding a commercial access control system to your Waco, TX, business? Let ASAP Security Services install and integrate all the hardware and software components you need to monitor the comings and goings of everyone on your property. Call us, fill out an online form, or start a live chat with us using the chatbox on your screen. We look forward to working with you!

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