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Touch-Free Access Control for Your Safety and Security

State-of-the-Art Products That Ensure the Health and Wellbeing of Your Building’s Occupants

Touch-Free Access Control for Your Safety and Security

Gain access to your building without touching keypads or fingerprint screens. Touch-free access control allows you to do your best to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. When you think about the number of people who enter your building, touch the access control keypad, and open the doors, it’s no wonder a virus can spread so rapidly.

Fortunately, as a business owner, there is something you can do about it. By installing touchless access control at your building in The Woodlands, TX, you significantly lower the risk factors of an employee or guest getting the coronavirus. Along with social distancing and mask-wearing, your business or organization can play a vital role in curbing the spread of the virus. Read more to find out the benefits of installing access controls.


Keep Your Hands Off

The touchless feature of access control products is one of the primary benefits for business owners who want to help prevent more infections. Surfaces that may have the coronavirus on them – such as keypads – pose a significant threat to people. By touching them and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, a person can potentially contract the virus. However, with touchless controls that use a card, key fob, or retinal screening, the threat is neutralized.

Automated access controls are ideal for any size business, but they are even more important for ones that experience frequent traffic. In addition to adding a touch-free entry control, installing automatic doors virtually eliminates the chance of contamination at your building’s entry points. If you own a retail business, imagine the peace of mind your customers will have, knowing that you care for their safety.

Customized Access

Do you have certain areas in your building that are off-limits? Instead of locking the doors or setting up security guards, it’s so much easier to install an access control panel at those locations. For instance, perhaps your executive offices are located on the 4th floor of your building. You can program the keys to allow only executives and their staff to enter that floor. They simply use their card or fob, and the door opens for them.

You can also limit the times when people enter your building or certain areas. With an electronic access control, you allow various employees access to certain doors at specific times. And, of course, because the controls are integrated with your building automation system, everything can be monitored and controlled remotely and 24 hours a day.

Intruder Deterrent

Locks can be picked, but it’s much more difficult for a burglar to gain entry if you have an access control system. Even then, if they do manage to break in, the system alerts someone right away. Paired with a surveillance system, electronic access controls further increase the protection and security of your building. The same is true when it comes to deterring employee theft. By restricting access to various locations, you add another layer of security at your business.

Reduce risks of burglary, theft, and viruses at your business with access controls. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (877) 418-ASAP or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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