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How to Choose the Right Access Control Solution for You

Are On-Premise or Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions the Right Choice?

How to Choose the Right Access Control Solution for You

For most businesses, an access control solution is a no-brainer. It provides an easy way to manage who comes and goes while creating additional restricted areas throughout your property. Verifying, managing and reviewing access is a great way to ensure that your Corpus Christi, TX, business is protected at all times.

Even though deciding to add access control is a natural choice, knowing how to go about it is a lot more challenging. You typically have three options: traditional lock and key, on-premise access control and cloud-based access control.

Across all business sizes and applications, we recommend avoiding the first option entirely. These solutions are too easy to bypass and very hard to scale. Software solutions –whether on-premise or hosted on the cloud—are always our recommendation. As you read this blog, you’ll learn what makes them different to help you figure out which would work best in your business.

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On-Premise Access Control

Not only do software solutions let you create dedicated ID cards and fobs, but they’ll let you review who enters your property and when. Data for an on-premise access control solution is—as the name implies—stored within your facility on special servers. Any essential staff will be able to add and remove profiles and review activity only from computers located on the premises.

You’ll need a dedicated IT person to maintain these servers for overall functionality and to prevent cyber threats as well. When you have multiple buildings or locations, each will require their own set of servers.

Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

New cloud-based solutions let administrators manage access from anywhere in the world. Data is stored on the cloud and available to view via a web browser or mobile device. Cloud-based solutions also offer the opportunity to provide access to your employees via mobile apps. Limit or remove access immediately in case of an emergency, even if you're not on site.

A cloud-based access control system is also easier to maintain and scale. You don’t have to worry about expensive servers on your property that need a dedicated staff. Keep expanding to additional doors or offices without having to make a significant investment. Eliminate threats with automatic software updates that protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Which Access Control is Best for You?

Going with a cloud-based solution will be the right choice about 90 percent of the time. Often, clients are thrown off by the subscription fees associated with this option, but in the long run, they'll be cheaper than the time and resources needed to maintain on-premise solutions. Despite popular belief, cloud management is not more prone to cyber-attacks due to the ongoing software updates we mentioned.

Are there any situations in which on-premise systems will be better? Usually, these work in either extreme. Do you have a tiny business with few employees? Having an on-site system with few features may work. Enterprise-grade on-site solutions are standard for major corporations that have the resources to employ in-house IT and security staff dedicated to them.

Want to find out more about which access control features are the best fit for your business? Our team of security experts would love to help. Reach out by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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