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Streamline Your Business Technology with Control4’s Neeo Remote

From Restaurants to Offices, Neeo Lends a Helping Hand

Streamline Your Business Technology with Control4’s Neeo Remote

We know how crucial well-running technology is to your business. From lighting to audio to security cameras, your systems need to be easily accessible and customizable. Whether you run a coffee shop or a bank, all business managers are short on time. So, if you’re looking for a more efficient way to run your company, have you heard of Control4’s Neeo remote?

This sleek new remote is changing the way we approach commercial automation. To see if it could be a help for your Sugar Land, TX business’ technology, learn more about Neeo below.

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What is Neeo?

As a supplement to a Control4 smart system, the Neeo remote connects to your lighting, audio, video, security, thermostats, and more. The remote was inspired by Swiss design with a perfectly balanced weight and texture for improved muscle memory and intuitive control. The Neeo remote includes both a touch screen and hard buttons, which is an unusual combination in an age that greatly favors touch screens. However, the hard buttons make it easier to swiftly skip a song on your speaker system or select a channel, especially while busy with other tasks.

Neeo’s aluminum body can withstand drops from several feet high, and the device automatically goes to sleep when not in use, reawakening as you pick it up. The rechargeable battery lasts for five days, and its docking station is also a charger. You’ll always have a home for it when not in use, so you’ll be less likely to lose it. Plus, Neeo snaps into place on the stand, so you can grab it and return it quickly.

Neeo’s Commercial Advantages

Starting your business in the morning, making adjustments throughout the day, and closing for the night is easier with Neeo. You’ll be able to activate custom scenes with one press of a button, like “Morning” that turns on specified lights, speakers, screens, and sets the thermostat to the right temperature. Close your restaurant, store, or office in one tap, choose a new playlist on Spotify, or turn up the brightness for your lobby’s lights.

Previously, you may have used a tablet or control panel on the wall to manage your technology or let multiple staff members use an app on your smartphone. But the remote will keep your business technology separated from a personal phone system and will make it easier to share and grab and go. Your team will also be able to save favorite apps to Neeo’s touch screen with recognizable icons. Select the specific room in need, turn on the technology, and snap Neeo back into the resting dock.


To get started on your Texas company’s Control4 smart system with a Neeo remote, call ASAP Security Services at (877) 418-ASAP or fill out our form here.

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