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Smart Cameras Offer Advanced Security Monitoring and Control

Learn How a Business Security Camera System Protects Your Property and Your People

Smart Cameras Offer Advanced Security Monitoring and Control

In a world where threats seem to be everywhere, it’s more important than ever to keep a watchful eye on your business. After all, no business is immune from attacks of one kind or another: theft, vandalism, and even assault or gun violence. You’ve worked hard to provide products and services that add value to peoples’ lives. That’s why it’s important to protect what matters most. But you need to think smart. Not just any business security system will do.

ASAP Security Services installs highly advanced business security camera systems for commercial customers throughout Corpus Christi, TX. The trusted brands we install have smart security features that are highly effective at monitoring and preventing threats on your property. Keep reading to discover the state-of-the-art features of today’s smart surveillance cameras.

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High-Definition Cameras

Remember the grainy, pixelated footage captured by an older security camera? It made identifying an individual quite challenging. Fortunately, today’s surveillance cameras are better – a lot better! Not only do they record footage in high definition, but they get the right angle too. Most smart cameras have tilt, pan, and zoom features. So, wherever the intruder is on your property, the camera records them with picture-perfect clarity. It also means the authorities are more likely to apprehend the individual.

Night Vision Features

Everyone’s gone home. The doors are locked. And the sun has set. It’s the perfect time for intruders to invade your property. But not with the cameras rolling! Your business security camera system has night vision. It takes clear images even when the sun isn’t shining. Some cameras even capture nighttime color photos. Also, most cameras use an infrared cut switch that activates and deactivates based on lighting conditions. If you really want to ramp up security at your business, consider a thermal camera. It “sees” intruders, even if they’re trying to hide.

AI is Your Private Eye

Nothing is dumb about these smart cameras. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), they do a lot of the thinking for you. Unlike older cameras that simply record an event and let you sort out the details, smart surveillance cameras recognize faces, license plates, objects, and more. You can also program them to alert you if there is a specific event, such as a car parked in your lot in the middle of the night. They’ll keep you updated on events happening on your property in real-time.

Remote Access and Control

Do you want to check up on your business? It’s easy to access the internal and external cameras remotely. In fact, not only can you see live feeds, but you can move the camera lens to change the viewing area or zoom in on something. This is particularly helpful if your security system sends you an alert. You’ll be notified of a threat and the location. Simply check the cameras to see what’s happening. And, of course, everything is recorded to your local server or the cloud when you need it.

Two-way Audio

In the past, a camera was just a camera. Not so anymore. Now, your smart camera allows you to communicate with the person in the live feed. For instance, if you have a package delivery, it’s easy to verify the person’s identity before granting access. This is also helpful if would-be thieves are trying to break in. After the system alerts you to the threat, you can warn the individuals, letting them know they’re being recorded. Chances are very likely that they’ll leave as soon as possible.

Improve the security at your business by adding smart cameras. Call ASAP Security Services at (877) 418-ASAP or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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