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How Commercial Security Cameras Help Protect Your Small Business

Minimize Risk and Loss with Video Surveillance

How Commercial Security Cameras Help Protect Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you pour your heart and soul into your business. Your business is the result of your long hours, substantial financial investment, and the hard work of your employees.

While your business may be solid, it only takes one significant adverse event to drastically set it back. It may be in the form of an injury, a lawsuit, a data breach, burglary, vandalism, or other occurrences. While you can't protect your Waco, TX, firm from every risk, you can avail yourself of solutions that help mitigate them. One of the best ways to do that is with commercial security cameras and surveillance.

Read on to learn how commercial security cameras help you minimize risk for your small business.

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Costly Risks

Burglary and theft account for 20% of all small business insurance claims. Unfortunately, not only is their risk from theft in stores, there is employee theft too. Customer injuries are also costly, as the proverbial slip on the banana peel can result in medical payments and payouts of tens of thousands of dollars in damages. If you rely on an alarm system alone, most police calls end up being false alarms. Each false alarm can now cost $125 or more in fines, which can add up over time. Reputational damage can also be significant these days, especially in the case of harassment claims. 

How Cameras Can Help

Security cameras can provide incontrovertible evidence to protect your business in various scenarios. For theft control, strategically placed cameras can be a deterrent to would-be thieves. In cases of significant loss, they will provide evidence for authorities to identify perpetrators and make cases. A camera installation may qualify you for insurance discounts as well.

With camera footage, frivolous injury lawsuits may be prevented or thwarted. Clear video footage can prove whether the injury and occurrence were real or staged. Similarly, with unfortunate claims of harassment or violence in these times, having a feed of actual events is valuable to determine if claims are warranted.

Camera Placement

There are some best practices for camera locations that can help cover most areas where you can incur risk. Around the exterior of your premises, cameras at entrances and parking lots can assist with tracking vandalism, burglary, or violent incidents. At entrances, you can track all entries and exits 24/7 if warranted. With current facial recognition available through smart video analytics, you can filter through footage quickly if you need to identify an unknown entrant to your premises.

Points of financial transactions are natural areas to surveil. You can determine if cash is being stolen, credit card numbers are being improperly used, and discover – or deter – other problems.

In storage areas and inventory stores, you can protect from the theft of supplies or merchandise. At reception areas, you can track both your employees' and customers’ behavior to ensure good customer treatment and deal with problematic or contentious interactions.


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