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People Want to Know: Do Schools Check Their Security Cameras?

Guarantee Peace of Mind with Video Monitoring Services

People Want to Know: Do Schools Check Their Security Cameras?

At most schools, surveillance cameras are only checked when there’s already been a reported incident. That can de-escalate a situation or identify a suspect, but by the time the cameras are checked, it’s too late to prevent anything from happening. 

How can school security staff prevent situations from reaching that point? 

There are two ways to get ahead of emergencies: through on-site or remote video monitoring. If your Amarillo, TX, school doesn’t currently have a monitoring process in place, here are two methods you can use to better protect your students. 

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On-Site Video Monitoring 

Your security team may be unable to watch every camera’s feed non-stop. But to ensure your security personnel sees everything important, AI-equipped cameras with video analytics will notify the security system of any unusual activity. 

We can set rules that trip the system if any activities occur where (and when) they shouldn’t. For instance, if someone is outside on school grounds while class is in session, that would notify the system and bring those camera feeds to the forefront. It could just be a student arriving late in the day or a parent picking up their child, but your security team will be aware and proactively assess the activity. If anyone stands on a wall where students are known to climb, the camera will immediately notify your security system, alerting phones, tablets, and computers. 

Remote Video Monitoring Services 

If your school needs additional help monitoring cameras, you can outsource the service to a trusted agency that handles monitoring for you. Whether your school needs video monitoring services after hours, on weekends, or all the time, live video monitoring combines technology with human perception to keep your school safe.  

How does it work? If your system is triggered, trained operators remotely watch your school surveillance cameras. The operators can see if the school is being trespassed, vandalized, etc., and immediately call the authorities on your behalf.  

Round-the-clock surveillance ensures the building is consistently protected with eyes on your campus. As valuable as security guards are, they can’t be everywhere at once. Remote video monitoring enables your entire suite of cameras to be checked, so nothing is missed.  

Ready to get more proactive about your school’s surveillance system? Contact ASAP Security Services here or send us a message below to learn more about video monitoring and how you can implement it for your school.