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Improve Safety and Your Bottom Line With a Business Security Camera System

A Professionally Designed and Installed Surveillance Network Protects Inventory, Personnel and Your Bottom Line

Improve Safety and Your Bottom Line With a Business Security Camera System

You have invested a lot in creating and operating your Corpus Christi, TX business, and the responsibilities are numerous. These days protecting your employees from violence and preventing inventory loss is more important than ever. You need a professional-grade business security camera system.

While many over-the-counter products and DIY systems claim to provide you with features and functions, they lack reliability, ruggedness, and network security that are essential for long-term operation. At ASAP Security Services, we offer more than cookie-cutter solutions; our certified team starts with a complete analysis, selling you a system that is customized to your business.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive security solution for your company? Keep reading below to find out more.

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Resolution You Can Rely On

If your experience with video surveillance is based on older analog or CCTV systems, the resolution and recording capabilities of modern cameras will astonish you. Instead of viewing fuzzy or soft images that make it difficult to decern what is going on, today's 8MP units allow you to capture every detail.

Whether watching a live stream or playback, you can zoom in on license plate numbers, facial features, and even the items in their hands. Regardless of the weather, the rugged housings and superior optics let you see through fog, rain, bright sunshine, and the dark of night. You would not install anything less than 4K from your home video, and you should not accept less for your business security.

Predict Potential Trouble

Studies by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies show that cameras do deter some crime, but their stand-alone effectiveness is limited. Without proper coverage, you may miss an activity that occurs in blind spots or in a back alley. By the same measure, preventing a situation before it happens is critical to the safety of staff, clients, and your property.

Cameras with advanced AI tools track numerous indicators, including photos comparisons of individuals and gatherings to alert you to potential issues. Once a problem is identified, you or your remote monitoring service can determine the threat level and take the appropriate action.

Security Makes For Better Business

Your business's ability to remain profitable and grow relies on protecting your people and property. Are you ready to upgrade to a professionally certified system?

To learn more, set up a consultation with our team by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form, or starting a live chat with us below. We look forward to working with you!