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How to Respond Quickly to Shootings & Save Lives

Gunshot Detection Technology Lets You Respond Within Milliseconds

How to Respond Quickly to Shootings & Save Lives

Rapid reactions on the part of school officials and authorities are the number one way to prevent injuries during an active shooter situation. Much of the technology created to combat school shootings has this goal in mind. For that reason, every school should have mass notification systems in place to manage a quick and organized response during any emergency.

Notification systems will only succeed, though, if you catch threats as early as possible. That's where gunshot detection systems come into play. Using sensors, they identify gunshots and immediately trigger a reaction: notifying authorities, warning employees through your mass notification system, and instituting an immediate lockdown. 

While it might take a security guard minutes to identify a gunshot and alert others, a gunshot detection system acts within milliseconds. Fast responses will help you save lives in a variety of ways outlined below. With the FBI reporting that 60 percent of shootings are over before law enforcement arrives, changes in response tactics can make a huge difference in your Austin, TX school.

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Reducing Police Response Times

School shootings on average take around 12 minutes while most police response times take approximately 18 minutes, according to the National Sheriff's Association. Knowing about an incident as soon as it occurs will help police arrive in time to neutralize the shooter.

Gunshot detection technology also lets authorities know exactly where the shots are. This is vital now that cops are trained to run straight at the sound of gunshots. With less than three minutes to respond on average, knowing the exact location of the gunman will shave vital seconds off their response time.

Administering Medical Help Immediately

During an active shooting, it's essential to get medical help to those injured as soon as possible. Crafting a triage plan within your school is an excellent first step, that way EMTs know where to go to for the most critical patients. Through your gunshot detection technology, they'll also arrive sooner on the scene to start caring for students and staff. 

Emergency personnel take advantage of gunshot detection technology when treating and evaluating patients. For one, they'll know the 'warm areas' where there is not an active threat and they can begin treating patients. They'll also be able to communicate with authorities to know precisely where the danger is located to know when it's safe to start evacuating patients.

Implementing Lockdowns to Isolate Threats

Despite the focus on emergency personnel, it’s just as important for school staff to take action too. Our gunshot detection solutions start immediate lockdowns to keep any active shooters from entering additional buildings or rooms. A mass notification system lets staff know there is a shooter on campus as well as his exact location, so they know if they are at immediate risk. 

Do you want to create a safer environment for staff and students this upcoming school year? Have our security experts integrate cutting-edge measures to respond to an active shooter threat. All you have to do to set up a consult is call us at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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