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How to Prepare the Perfect Presentation with Commercial Automation

Follow Sandra as She Nails Her Sales Pitch with the Right Technology

How to Prepare the Perfect Presentation with Commercial Automation

Later today, Sandra is hosting a video call with clients from her Austin, TX office to close one of the biggest accounts at her company. To prepare, she's done as much research as possible on their company to figure out which services would interest them most. To get more confidence for the meeting, she's dressed for success in a power suit and is eager to get rolling.

A few hours before her meeting, she takes advantage of the commercial automation system in her business to start the day as smoothly as possible. Throughout the morning, she takes all the steps needed to deliver a striking, professional presentation that lands her the account. Continue reading to see how smart technology can improve daily production at the office.

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Getting an Early Start

On the day of the meeting, Sandra arrives at the office an hour early for final meeting prep. Using her access code, she's able to get into the building before anyone else. When Sandra walks into the office, lights automatically turn on, so she's not stuck on the dark on her own. As she heads to her desk, the thermostat also recognizes movement and instantly adjusts to a more comfortable temperature.

Setting the Right Impression

The right look and feel for the presentation is vital to her sales pitch. At the start of the day, she walks into her conference room and starts fine tuning everything. Lights, shades, volume, and camera angles could all have a significant impact on the impression she gives off to clients. Once she finds the ideal settings, she saves them into her commercial automation system and pulls them up at the press of a button when it's time for the call.

Developing a Rapport

Usually, during her sales presentations, Sandra's first goal is to set up a good relationship with her clients. Via video conference, she can ask the questions needed to gauge their unique needs and adjust her sales pitch to them. Through her commercial automation system, it's easy for her to start on a one-on-one video call then transition to presentation mode within seconds.

Presenting Without a Glitch

Sandra knows how important it is to get right to the point. She shares her files wirelessly through her smart system. The dedicated touchpad in the room lets her change out files and switch slides seamlessly. The expertly placed microphones ensure she's heard clearly on the other end, but she can adjust the volume through her touchpad as needed.

Allow for Feedback

No sales pitch should be a one-way conversation. Even after the initial intake, Sandra keeps the clients engaged. During the meeting, the screen remains split between the presentation and video call to encourage dialogue. Using her collaboration software, she also gives them the option to annotate the screen to provide their feedback throughout the call.

Deliver a Strong Finish

The second she's done with the presentation, Sandra switches back to video conferencing mode. As they wind down the meeting, she answers any questions the clients have and provides clear next steps to make sure she doesn't lose momentum.

Looking to keep them engaged, she also sends a follow-up email summarizing everything they discussed. The email includes a copy of the presentation with all annotations made during the call.

How can you take advantage of this technology to improve your sales pitches? Let us help out with a commercial automation solution that lets you stand out from your competitors. For a one-on-one consultation, give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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