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How to Expand Home Automation Beyond Your Living Room

A new generation of devices aims to bring the convenience of automation to more living spaces in your home

How to Expand Home Automation Beyond Your Living Room

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the many ways whole-home automation can simplify and improve your lifestyle. You’ve probably also heard about automation or advanced A/V systems for places such as your media room or home theater. But there are two areas of your home where smart technology can help a great deal, but you may not have thought about them: the kitchen and bathroom.

With the increasing proliferation of automation throughout our homes, it’s inevitable that smart systems for your kitchen and bathroom would be developed. Here are a few home automation systems for the kitchen and bathroom that you want in your River Oaks, TX home.

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There are a handful of obvious smart technologies that work well in the kitchen. You may have even installed these systems already as part of broader whole-home solutions: lighting control, whole-home audio, etc. One feature you may want to add to increase convenience even more is voice control. It’s no problem to use a wall panel for a space like your home theater, but if you’re trying to make dinner and have your hands full, using voice control means you can still easily access your smart devices.

These technologies, however impressive, aren’t kitchen-specific, but there are other options available. These include smart appliances like refrigerators. A refrigerator with smart technology lets you see what’s inside, lets you know when you’re low on an item or if it’s going bad, creates recipes based on the refrigerator’s contents, lets you leave digital messages for your family, and more.

If you want the option to watch TV in the kitchen, one way to do so is with displays concealed inside furniture or other innocuous spots. Another option is mirror TVs that match your kitchen backsplash when they’re not in use. These displays respond to voice control, can show you your news and social media feeds, link to your whole-home A/V setup, and more. Using hidden A/V solutions also means you won’t have your technology clashing with your interior design.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Is having smart technology in my bathroom really necessary?” We would say yes; why not make your bathroom more comfortable and optimized to your needs? There are many smart devices that can make your bathroom a more inviting and relaxing space.

For instance, you can install a smart shower that knows your ideal water temperature and steam level. Or, how about a toilet that automatically warms the seat for you? And just like in your kitchen, mirror TVs placed by a sink or vanity can provide news and weather information, let you catch up on your social media, and much more. And to make sure you always look your best when you start your day, you absolutely want to make sure your smart lighting system includes your bathroom. You can see how you look in different lighting schemes, so you always know you look your best when you walk out of the bathroom.

These are just a few ways to incorporate smart technology into more spaces in your home, and you have plenty of ways to expand. To get started on your project, call us today at (877) 418-ASAP. You can also visit our contact page or use the chat box below to speak to a live customer service representative.

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