5 Ways That Home Automation Systems Save Energy

Home automation systems are both practical and energy conscious

5 Ways That Home Automation Systems Save Energy

Smart home automation systems offer users convenience and safety, but what most people don’t know is that they also save energy. This may seem counterintuitive since more technology usually means more power, but smart homes use energy more efficiently than the average home. In this blog, we will learn six different ways that smart home automation reduces your energy consumption.


Climate Control

Climate control can be automated on a room by room basis. The temperature can be automatically adjusted to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible, lowering climate control in places that are not in use. Smart thermostats monitor energy usage within your home and outside temperatures to provide climate control solutions that will save both energy and money.

Lighting Control

Lighting control is both convenient and energy-saving. You can use a mobile device to change lighting no matter where you are, and lights can be programmed to turn off at certain times of the day. Many smart lightbulbs also incorporate motion sensors so that when people leave a room, the lights automatically turn on and vice versa. Never worry about leaving the lights on again! Dimmers also play a vital role in reducing your energy usage, keeping you from wasting energy keeping fixtures at full intensity when it’s not needed.

Energy Management Devices

Energy management devices include smart power strips and switches that cab power lights on and off. They monitor electrical usage and distribute functions that require the most power. Most of this can happen automatically, so you don't have to worry about managing them! "Phantom energy" is the energy used by appliances that are in standby mode, but not actively in use. While these devices claim to be energy-friendly, they still do draw a lot of power. This can represent up to ten percent of your electric bill. Instead of having to unplug something every time you use it, energy management devices can control these standby modes to save energy.

Water Allocation

Sprinkler systems can be placed to cover your yard as efficiently as possible and can be programmed to a watering schedule so that you can get the most out of your watering sessions. These also link up to local weather forecasts to keep you from wasting energy watering your landscaping on a rainy day.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades regulate the amount of heat in your house by keeping sunlight out or allowing sunlight inside. Motorized shades automatically adjust based on the climate. You can also control the shades from an app. With motorized shades it is easier to set the ideal environment in your home while saving money on heating and AC.

Are you interested in a smart home automation system solution that will save you time and help the environment?  Contact ASAP Security Services here or message a member of our team in the chatbox below!

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