How Technology Helps You Resolve Common Office Complaints

Offer a Better Working Environment for Greater Efficiency and Morale

How Technology Helps You Resolve Common Office Complaints

Nothing will be more disruptive to your company operations than a poor work environment. Get the most out of your employees by making your Houston, TX, office as comfortable and safe as possible. Even though your hiring, training and management practices are likely to have the most significant impact here, it’s just as important to focus on your physical environment as well.

Give employees a place to thrive by incorporating a commercial automation system that directly addresses common issues. Outlined below are the biggest complaints employees have about their workspaces as well as technology solutions that will help you resolve them. During the day, workers will be able to focus on the task at hand, not the temperature, glare or noise.

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HVAC complaints are by far the most common in office buildings and often the hardest to resolve. The same office will often receive complaints about both being too cold and too warm. Developing a solution for such a subjective issue can be hard, but commercial automation can help. Place thermostats in various locations and integrate them with motorized shades to keep a steady temperature throughout your property. A survey is a great way to gauge an optimal median temperature while your smart HVAC system ensures you meet that standard every time. HVAC zones are also ideal when varied temperatures make sense—for example, areas with a lot of movement may require a lower preset.


Noise concerns are another common issue, especially with so many offices going with an open floor design. Eliminate office chatter and ambient noise with acoustic treatments and sound-masking. Have speakers placed throughout the office, much like you would for distributed audio. During the loudest parts of the day, use your commercial automation to activate sound masking, which matches the frequencies of human speech to minimize distractions and boost privacy. Not only are these speakers useful for sound-masking, but also to deliver important announcements that may regularly be lost amidst the office chatter.


Many office complaints have to do with light, which is easy to address with a lighting control solution. Make changes seamlessly throughout the day so employees are getting precisely the illumination they need. Employ dimmers to ensure lighting is not too harsh, but still strong enough to keep employees from straining their eyes. Take advantage of motorized shades to expose workers to natural light to boost their overall wellbeing. Have an easy way to lower shades through mobile apps, remotes, or even voice control if sunlight starts causing a distracting glare. There are also common complaints from late-night employees about the lack of lighting in exteriors and hallways. Integrate motion sensors into your commercial automation to automatically turn lights on when they come in or leave, so they feel safer.

Let us help you create the ideal work environment for your employees with our custom commercial automation solutions. All you have to do is give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our tech specialists.

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