How Schools’ Gunshot Detection Systems Save Lives

These Systems Use Early Detection, Notification, and Access Control to Protect Children and Staff

How Schools’ Gunshot Detection Systems Save Lives

Unfortunately, the number of mass shootings in the U.S. is increasing. In 2021, 232 mass shootings have already occurred. From 2013-2019, 2,100 mass shootings injured 9,000 people and killed over 2,400.

Schools are not immune—the U.S. experiences more school shootings than many other countries. California records the highest number of school shootings with an estimated 158 since 1970. Texas comes in second, the only other state with more than 100 school shootings, totaling 133. Mass shootings are defined as four or more people shot, whether injured or killed.

We share these statistics not to alarm you but to let you know that the unthinkable does happen, all too often. If there is a ray of good news, the advancement of technology has created the opportunity to be proactive in ways we would never have imagined just a decade ago. Let’s look at how we can protect our children, teachers, and staff through the use of gunshot detection systems in Houston, TX.

Gunshot Detection Systems

At ASAP Security Services, we utilize cutting-edge technology that defines today’s gunshot detection systems. One of our partners, EAGL Technology, has developed industry-leading systems for active-shooter emergency response. This advanced solution can differentiate between sounds, determine location and type of gun, initiate a lockdown, and notify law enforcement. Here’s how technology can make this happen.


The FireFly, an indoor sensor, was developed by the Department of Energy after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy where a shooter killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut. This patented technology uses advanced algorithms capable of analyzing energy levels and waveforms. This results in accurate gunfire detection, including the caliber, and prevents false alarms and zero false alerts from similar sounds, such as car backfires, thunder, or fireworks.


Following further validation, activity classified as a gunshot initiates the adaptive response, which includes notifying law enforcement, and sending texts and email notifications to security, teachers, and other staff. PA system broadcasts are initiated, as well. Knowing the shooter's exact location, the system can then lock access doors that keep the individual contained and start live camera streams to track the shooter’s movements.

This type of rapid response saves lives and controls a situation that can get out of control quickly. Teachers, faculty, and security can take immediate action. In addition, the prompt response of law enforcement is ensured, and officers now know the shooter’s location before they arrive. An active shooter detection system alongside access control systems and video surveillance are critical technologies for today’s school safety.

Are you interested in developing proactive security measures to protect children, teachers, and staff? Since 1947, ASAP Security Services has protected Texans and is now one of the largest privately-held systems integration companies. For more information, call ASAP Security Services today.

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