How Can Your Video Surveillance Serve as a Virtual Security Guard?

Combine Advanced Analytics and Professional Monitoring for Proactive Security

How Can Your Video Surveillance Serve as a Virtual Security Guard?

A lot of business owners worry commercial video surveillance isn't useful because it only helps after the fact, rather than actively preventing threats. That’s because for years standard surveillance systems only recorded evidence of a crime, and even that evidence was often hard to find among hours of unrelated footage.

But in recent years, technology has allowed commercial video surveillance to become a proactive tool that lets you prevent burglary, trespassing, vandalism, and more. Remote guarding solutions combine high-tech cameras, video analytics, and monitoring professionals to stop crimes before they happen. These solutions offer comprehensive protection for your River Oaks, TX property.

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Advanced Video Analytics

Our video surveillance solutions aren’t there to simply sit back and wait for something to happen. To add proactive security to your property, we pair our high-end surveillance cameras with advanced video analytics. How can you use analytics to anticipate threats?

Employ virtual boundaries around your property, with cameras identifying when a person or car cross a specific trigger line. Scan real-time footage with license plate and facial recognition to immediately recognize when an unauthorized person enters your property. Our facial recognition software is especially useful in places like schools where specific individuals might be banned from entering.

It’s also easy to find what you need without having to sift through hours of footage. Look up footage based on location, time of day, or even descriptors. Are you looking for someone specific? Now you can ask your video surveillance system to find a man with a red shirt anywhere on your property.

Integrated Security Solutions

Of course, even this type of proactive surveillance is only useful if you respond to it quickly. For enhanced protection, you should link up your surveillance with the rest of your security features.  

For example, if your cameras notice someone breaching the perimeter, they automatically direct spotlights in the area to turn on and all your exterior doors to lock down. Employing these type of automated triggers will result in the quickest response possible to any emergency.

Remote Monitoring Services

Your security system will also send a signal to one of our professional monitoring services. Instead of putting on-site guards at risk, incorporate one of our monitoring experts to help guide your staff through any emergency. Not only do they confirm all automated responses took place, they offer two-way communications with your team as well as any intruders when needed.

Throughout the incident, they'll use advanced video analytics to track threats and direct your staff accordingly. Monitors track your entire property simultaneously. This way, they can quickly identify risks and avoid miscommunications within different areas of your property.

Achieve greater peace of mind for your corporate, retail or educational property with a proactive surveillance solution. To learn more about our services and how to integrate them into your property, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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