Burglary is defined as an unlawful entry – or attempted entry – of private property. Force may be used to gain entry, but surprisingly, many thefts are opportunistic in nature. Furthermore, the illegal intrusion of a home is not the only definition of a burglary. Illegal entry of a shed, garage, or any private structure also constitutes as burglary.

A recent report by the United States Department of Justice showed a three percent decrease in burglary from 2014 to 2015. This decrease was a continuation of a downtrend in property crime that has seen the burglary rate cut in half since 1993. Home security systems, no doubt, play a role in this decline.

Robber breaking into bank while worker pushes mass notification button

Coupled with the trend of a reduction in crime throughout the United States and the advent of monitoring systems, security systems have grown to an industry catering to more than 18 million homes. Their use and popularity are backed by data, as homes without security systems are up to 300 times more likely to be burglarized. Modern security system installations not only notify you of a potential break-in via apps and live updates, they also work as a deterrence tool, scaring away would-be burglars before they have the opportunity to act.

Considering A Business Security System Installation

Modern business security systems do more than ever before to ensure safety. Most use a land line, Internet, or cellular interface to monitor your home. Land lines are wireless in nature, while cellular connected monitoring systems use an up-link to communicate with the monitoring center continuously. They tend to be more reliable than land lines since they aren’t affected if the telephone cord gets cut. Broadband is faster, capable of notifying several centers several times faster than traditional land lines.

Consider the initial installation and maintenance. Our professional business security services allows us to work with your security system installation, update any associated firmware, and become a reliable resource for any questions about your system. It’s important also to consider your living situation. Home and business owners will typically benefit from a wireless system that can be easily moved.

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