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How Can You Keep Students Safe During Sporting Events?

Afterschool Shootings Becoming a Dangerous Reality Throughout the Country

How Can You Keep Students Safe During Sporting Events?

The New York Times reports that gunshots have broken out in over 20 afterschool sporting events since August of last year. Yearly pushes to increase school security in response to shootings have left behind one glaring vulnerability: afterschool activities. 

In response to high-profile school shootings, many schools have implemented stronger access control solutions with IDs needed to enter any building on campus. Very few sports fields or courts offer similar security for students. Virtually anyone with a ticket—if that—can walk right in.

You don’t have to settle for subpar security on this part of your property, especially with football being such a huge part of school life in Rio Grande Valley, TX. Employ video surveillance, gunshot detection systems, and security apps to provide a safer environment for afterschool activities.

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Video Analytics

Artificial intelligence could play a significant role in identifying threats on your campus. Emerging video surveillance technology uses unique algorithms to look for guns in your surveillance footage. School officials receive immediate notifications whenever these images are flagged. As security personnel responds to the risk, you can also provide needed evacuation information to students and staff.

Enhanced Security

No amount of fencing will completely deter intruders from entering your campus. During special events like these with a lot of vulnerable students, there should always be additional security personnel on hand. Having support from local law enforcement may also be ideal in high-profile games. Ensure there are guards stationed at your primary entry points ready to search for weapons while others patrol the property. There also needs to be special drills in place for outdoor events as a response will differ significantly compared to a shooting that takes place indoors.

Gunshot Detection Systems

Improve response times to violent incidents by detecting gunshots as soon as they happen. Use a gunshot detection system to isolate where the shots took place. If on the perimeter, immediately alert students on campus to find shelter. If shots take place in the stadium, gunshot detection still plays a vital role in informing the rest of the school and notifying the authorities immediately.

Deploying emergency personal quickly not only means subduing the perpetrator sooner but also being able to provide vital medical attention faster. Gunshot detection technology pinpoints the exact location of the shots, so law enforcement knows where to go, and EMTs know which areas are safe to begin treating any victims. 

Share911 App

As shootings unfold, communication becomes vital. New mass notification systems like Share911 make it easier than ever to report an emergency, initiate a response, and send updates. The Share911 app allows both students and staff to report incidents easily.

From the app, they use a drop-down menu to choose the type of emergency and its location. In times of duress, there's no need to type out extensive messages. Create unique channels for each incident, where everyone can share vital information on evacuations.

Don’t let your school’s beloved afterschool activities become a security vulnerability. Leverage these security solutions to ensure students feel safe everywhere on your campus. Just give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below for a one-on-one school security consultation.

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