How to Make Sure Your Building Meets Fire Codes

ASAP Security Helps You Pass the Fire Marshall’s Inspection

How to Make Sure Your Building Meets Fire Codes

Not abiding by your local fire code ordinances not only leaves your building tenants at risk, but even small offenses could result in fines of up to $2,000. Laws vary slightly from county to county, but overall, they all cover the same precautions when it comes to dealing with hazardous material, proper electrical wiring, occupancy limits, access control systems, and ongoing fire alarm monitoring.

The experts at ASAP Security ensure your fire alarm monitoring meets all requirements by offering enterprise-grade equipment and design, professional monitoring services, and ongoing testing and maintenance. This blog highlights some standard fire code requirements and information on how our team can ensure your Fort Worth, TX, property meets all of them.

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Fire Alarm Installation

Systems for fire alarm monitoring all need to be installed by companies licensed with the state and registered with the local fire department. Mostly, the Fire Marshall wants a professional involved at all times to avoid faulty installations that will fail during an emergency or set off a lot of false alarms. False alarms may incur fines of up to $1,500 as well as additional costs related to emergency response.

Companies have to provide a final design drawing to the local Fire Marshall before installation to get the necessary permits. Requirements for these designs will vary not only based on location but your building type (office, assembly space, school, etc.). The ASAP security experts working on your design will be familiar with all these small variations.

Local laws, for the most part, will require the following for almost any fire alarm installation:

  • Your fire alarm monitoring system needs to link to a remote monitoring station.
  • The design needs to show all smoke and CO detectors communicating to the central fire alarm.
  • Outline all locations for smoke and CO detectors throughout the building.
  • In case of emergency, all need to set off an automatic signal.

Regulations require that your security company tag your fire alarm monitoring system after installation with the company name, address, license number, date of installation, and a signature from a licensed technician.

Carbon and Monoxide Detectors

There are a few things to consider for the location of your smoke and CO detectors. As we mentioned, requirements will vary based on your district, building, size, and purpose, but some general best practices and guidelines should be followed in all installations. 

Detectors used in your fire alarm monitoring all need to be certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.  Devices need to be in central locations with no area of your property being more than 100 feet away from one. Other unique requirements to consider:

  • There need to be detectors included in all assembly rooms that fit more than 50 people.
  • Smoke and CO detectors need to be in individual dwelling units and outside any sleeping areas.
  • All devices must be installed at least 12 inches from any walls.

Maintenance and Service

Not only will the Fire Marshall check your system right after installation, but they will also review if it is in working condition moving forward. Annual maintenance is required to check your design is working as planned, if it needs to be expanded, that all equipment is functioning correctly, and that no devices or design layouts have been tampered with. Any issues will keep you from receiving a Certificate of Inspection.

We offer ongoing maintenance and service for all our fire alarm monitoring installations. These will include annual check-ups and any required maintenance along the way. Afterward, we'll update your tag with our name, the date of your initial inspection, and the details and date of any repairs.

Have any additional questions regarding your local fire codes and how to make sure you meet all regulations? To speak with our team of experts, you can call us at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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