Why Your Remote Workforce Needs an Emergency Communication System

A Multi-Channel Alert System Provides Fast and Timely Notifications to Employees No Matter Where They Are

Why Your Remote Workforce Needs an Emergency Communication System

Does your business have a remote or hybrid workforce? If so, having a reliable emergency communication system is very important. Communication is the only way to keep your remote workforce connected. In addition, with an emergency communication system, your business will benefit from being able to reach employees quickly, no matter where they are. 

Continue reading for more information about the features and benefits of an emergency communication system for your Bellaire, TX, area business.

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Multichannel Communication

The days of emergency phone trees and urgent emails are gone. Businesses can no longer rely on these communication methods to relay information quickly because employees differ in phone and email habits. Some employees, for instance, would be unable to answer a phone call during a meeting. Other employees can only check their email at certain times each day. 

With a multichannel emergency communication system, you can consider employee communication preferences and provide teams with options for how they would like to access urgent communications.

These formats could include:

  • Phone call
  • Text message
  • Push notification
  • Email Message
  • Social media posts
  • Website notifications

Two-Way Communication Options

The best emergency systems will work two ways, allowing the employee to respond to the emergency message sent out by the business. The two-way channel is beneficial in situations like natural disasters or fires, where you are trying to gather a headcount or assess damage quickly. Being able to receive eyewitness information can also help with emergency decision-making and limit the amount of overall impact caused by the situation.

Analytics and Tracking

An emergency system should provide the employer with access to reports and analytics so that you can monitor the effectiveness and engagement of emergency messages. Tracking is also helpful when testing the emergency communication system to pinpoint and address weak areas for improvement before an incident does occur. 

Other Use Cases

Beyond emergencies, a business can also use a communication system to serve other purposes. Employee attention should be high toward this communication method, making it perfect for:

  • Traffic alerts
  • Weather-related closings or delays
  • Office closings
  • Employee surveys
  • High-value news alerts

While using the system for other purposes is possible, you should be careful not to overuse it. Overuse may cause employees to desensitize the urgency of messages received via this channel, leading them to miss future emergency communications.

We can't state ienough how beneficial it is to have a reliable communication system when employees work from anywhere. Keeping employees engaged and tuned in to events happening within the organization is essential and helps maintain employee morale.

If you are considering an emergency communication system to support the communication activities for your Bellaire, TX, area business, please get in touch with us at ASAP Security Services for more information.


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