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Why Your Properties Will Benefit from Lighting Control and Automation

Discover Three Ways to Improve Your Commercial Properties

Why Your Properties Will Benefit from Lighting Control and Automation

If you own a commercial property, several things are important. One, you want your building to run as efficiently as possible, as operating costs need to be balanced with revenues. Two, you want to retain tenants for long terms, as space that sits empty is a cash drain.

One way to retain tenants is to update buildings with the latest automation and control technology so that clients aren't tempted to move to newer properties with more amenities. This might include improvements in HVAC and lighting control, security and surveillance, audio-video infrastructure, and access control to create a safer, more efficient, and productive environment.

Keep reading to see how these control and automation features can add value and revenue per square foot to your Memorial, Texas commercial properties.

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Lighting Control

Lighting serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in any space. Good task and ambient lighting are necessary for a comfortable and productive workplace. Lighting can also set the right ambiance for visitor spaces and lobbies and provide increased safety at night in darker parts of a property.

Lighting control systems can increase efficiency, comfort, and safety while balancing centralized control with the ability of tenant staff to adjust lighting for meeting spaces and task purposes. For environmental and cost efficiency, occupancy sensors can turn off lights in unused conference rooms, bathrooms, and other areas when no one is around. Similarly, outside lighting in entries and parking garages can be managed by schedules or sensors.

In meeting rooms, programmed scenes can allow for easy optimization of lighting for presentations and videoconferences. Integrate lighting control with AV automation so that one or two presses of a button can start a presentation with the ideal audio, video, and lighting, ensuring smoother and more productive meetings.

Climate Control

Nothing will cause more complaints than buildings that are either too warm or too cold. While you want centralized control of HVAC to reduce energy consumption in off-hours, workers want some control over their environment for comfort. The balance of comfort and efficiency can be achieved with smart thermostats, sensors, and centralized management, allowing the temperature to be balanced across a building. If the Texas sun is beating on one side, staff can temporarily adjust the air conditioning, but centralized control can take over later, aided by programmed schedules and occupancy sensors to avoid overcooling.


Property security benefits from intelligent lighting control as well as smarter access control and surveillance systems. Centrally managed lighting can efficiently illuminate entries and parking areas for safety, serving as a deterrent for vandalism or intruders after hours. Smart cameras with central monitoring and video analytics can identify potential incidents to alert security staff or law enforcement.  Access control systems can ensure that only authorized people can be on the premises at designated times, creating a safer and more secure workplace. And all these systems can be linked and automated to work together for a cohesive security solution.

Use smart automation solutions to increase the attractiveness of your commercial properties. ASAP Security Services has vast experience across Texas with sophisticated automation, security, and surveillance solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. Call (877) 418-ASAP today, or visit our contact page to set up a consultation.

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