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What to Look for in Security Alarm Systems for Schools

Security Alarms Are a Critical Part of School Safety Infrastructure

What to Look for in Security Alarm Systems for Schools

With many violent incidents across the country this year, school safety is top of mind for administrators, teachers and parents. As school boards and districts evaluate current security systems, budgets, and needs, they may consider upgrading or replacing older solutions that aren’t equipped to cover today’s requirements and situations. 

Security alarm systems are one part of a multi-faceted approach to school security, along with surveillance, access control, and mass notification systems. While alarm systems have been around for many years, some schools may not have the best implementations. Here are four things to consider in alarm solutions for schools. 

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The Right Sensors

Most schools employ some type of alarm for after-hours security when schools are partially or fully closed. Indoor motion detectors are often installed to cover large areas to detect intrusions. But a better approach is to add glass breakage sensors to the system, as window breakage is a typical prelude to an intrusion. Glass breakage is also one of the most common vandalizations, so detecting it immediately can alert security staff and authorities for quicker response. 

Easy Panic Alarms 

What if an incident occurs, whether it’s an intruder, a large fight breaking out, or something else? School staff should have an easy way to sound a schoolwide alarm when necessary. A well-designed alarm system should have multiple options for teachers and staff – and in some situations, students – to hit an alarm panic button to get help and alert others. 

Partitioned Systems

Schools aren’t always completely open or completely closed. For good security coverage, a school alarm system should be able to arm certain parts of the building or campus and leave others open for access. That might include open access to the gym for night games and practices but armed systems in classrooms, offices, and other areas. It should have a modern control system that’s easy to operate and remote access for security and administrative staff. 


These days, no security system should be an island unto itself. School alarm systems should integrate with access control, surveillance, mass communications, and more. While school alarm systems are an important security tool, they combine with entry access, security cameras, and notification systems for a cohesive school safety umbrella. The sounding of an alarm can be combined with an instant message to teachers and students with instructions for next steps. Surveillance systems monitoring key entrances can sound the alarm when detecting unusual activity at off-times. Your alarm system should have the right integration points with other school security solutions. 


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